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Of Flying Dragons and Stinky Chips

The worst smell in the world. Regurgitated Cool Ranch Doritos. These things smell awful to begin with. But when they’ve been regurgitated, ten times worse.
Why do you know this Rachel? You ask.

Good question.

Because Nathan forgot to lock the pantry this morning and Monkey found a snack size bag and snarfed some down while I was blogging paying bills and then I heard The Sound.
You know The Sound.
The retching, hacking, frog strangling sound that every mother fears. I leaped up from the computer desk, ran down the hallway and found Monkey red faced and gagging.
I sat down in front of him, stared at his little purple face and scared eyes and did what any mom would do. I stuck my finger into his little throat and pulled some of the chip obstruction out, the rest followed in a hot stinking wave of partially masticated and not quite yet digested rush. all. over. my. hand.
My turn to gag.
That is a truly foul odor y’all. Just in case you were wondering.
He’s fine now. He’s currently got one shoe and one skate on and is ‘hopskating’ around my living room in his diaper.
They bounce back so quickly.
Yesterday Nathan put on the movie: The Neverending Story. Y’all remember that movie right? Atreyu, Falcor The Flying Dragon, Fantasia, The Empress?
It’s a fabulous movie.
He put it on and turned to Princess and what follows is their honest to goodness conversation.

Nathan: “Do you want to watch this movie with Mom and Me?”
Princess: “Is it a Daddy Movie or a Princess Movie?”
Nathan: “Well, it’s a little bit of both. It has magic and flying dragons and a princess. It’s one that Mommy and Daddy used to watch when they were younger.”
Princess: “What’s it called?”
Nathan: “The Neverending Story”

The look on her face was priceless.

Princess: “But Daddy!!! I don’t want to watch it forever!!”

At this point there was no more conversation. Nathan and I were laughing too hard.

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  1. I ran across your blog & I have to say your kids are just beautiful & your stories hit home…all too real for me! Take Care!

  2. Ewww…reminds me of when my lactose-intolerant girls puke. Think curdled milk mixed with vomit. Lovely!

  3. “Princess: “But Daddy!!! I don’t want to watch it forever!!” – that was priceless! So cute!

    Have a good day, Rachel – see you soon – Kellan

  4. I can smell it and it did not even happen to me.. yuck.. sorry.. and I am glad everything is okay..

  5. Ewwww! Now I keep thinking about those doritos. Hopefully I never learn that first hand.

    Neverending Story…haha! I love it!

  6. Uuughhh…you’re right about the smell beforehand…

    I can only imagine them secondhand 🙂

    Better you than me!

  7. “All products featuring the words cool, ranch, or any combination of the two moved to the top shelf? Check.”

    And Dad made me think earlier: How is a sequel to a never ending story possible, let alone two sequels???

  8. The Nothing freaks me out – STILL. It’s too creepy. How did she fare with it?

  9. Will never be able to eat Cool Ranch Doritos again without thinking of this post!

    The Neverending Story comment was darling – I love the kiddo’s minds.

  10. Ew! I hate that hot rush that always follows.

    That Princess story is hilarious. They’re so literal, aren’t they?

  11. I'm no good around vomit. I even hear someone hurling & I start gagging. In fact I almost puked when you were describing it.. ewwww

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