Oh Shell No

Last Friday Night Nathan kept our two kids and my friend Tasha’s two little girls while Tasha and I went to a Relay For Life Bunco Game Fundraiser.  Her daughter E, is 19 months and M is 3 1/2.

The following is a conversation that happened between Tasha and Princess upon our returning home:


Princess: “Miss Tasha, do you have Macaroni and Cheese at your house?”

Tasha: “Yes, Princess, I just bought some”

Princess: “But, do you have Shells and Cheese?

Tasha: “No, just the regular kind.”

Princess: “Well, you should get the shells and cheese kind because M ate the Hell outta those”


It was at that point, that I realized that I am definitely a shoo in for the parent of the year award.


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  1. Too funny. I must admit that the word Crap is pretty much integrated into my children’s vocabulary. I’ll be your running-mate for that award.

    Daisy’s latest brilianceAnother April 1st. Another Google Joke. Meet CADIE!

  2. that’s precious…glad you have that one memorialized to remind them when they are teenagers…how CUTE they really are!!!

    Short Pump Preppy’s latest briliancefredflare – gadget love

  3. #snort

    this is the same kiddo who unlocks door with a Barbie hand 🙂 awesome.

    Dawn’s latest brilianceMadeline Alice Spohr

  4. PS You emailed me something in reply to one of my comments, but there’s an error and I can’t view the text, nor will it let me reply, so I’m posting here to ask if you’ll please try again (assuming you remember what you wrote in the first place!)

  5. so funny. those kids sure do say the dam…darndest things!

    melissa’s latest brilianceSome Recipes From My Sick Bed To You. Minus the Snotty Kleenex. You’re Welcome.

  6. LOL! That is too funny! I fear my little one will have the same problem… I’ve tried so hard to change up my vocabulary, but Hell is just one word I can’t seem to drop.

    Jac’s latest brilianceThe two sides of me

  7. Awesome!! Why is it so funny when our kids say those things!?

    Danielle’s latest brilianceGIVEAWAY – Autographed CD

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