Overdone: Tales From the Land of Wii

Yep, I am cooked, finished, overdone if you will.

We have a Wii, I love it. I am not a gamer. I have never gotten the video game thing… the Wii however, me likey.

My favorite thing about the Wii?

The Wii Fit. It rocks.
Where else can a 30 year SAHM of two in South Texas hula hoop, play tennis, ski and slalom in shorts and a tank top all in 30 minutes?

The downfall to the Wii Fit, is the portion I like to call, really-embarassing-not-real-why-do-I-do-this-how-dare-you-pudge-up-my-Mii portion. It’s an enter all of your details/get made to feel like a couch potato section wrapped up in the guise of a fitness test.

Princess and I did it together.
At 4, nearly 5, she’s 3’9″ and 48 pounds of solid freaking muscle. Perfect, according to the Wii Fit.

Me. Well, I’m 5’7″ and not gonna tell ya.
I could definitely stand to tone and lose.
Let’s face it, I’m more of an hour and a half glass than an hourglass.
I’m not what most people would call overweight, I’m healthy and curvy.
I’m working on it.

The Wii Fit however, ya… it punked me out, in front of my kid.

Princess sees my character sort of puff up a bit and asks, “Mom, what happened? What did it say?”

Because I’m an idiot Because I’m totally honest with her I tell her, it says Mommy is a bit overweight.

We hula hoop, we balance, we ski and we play for about an hour.

2 hours later Nathan comes home.

She greets him at the door with this gem: “Dad, the Wii says I’m perfect and Mom’s overdone”


Do you hear that? That’s my self esteem falling on the floor next to my husband. Why is he on the floor?

Because he fell over laughing.

Oh Wii, it is on. I will best you and the jello jigglers that have taken up residence in my hind end.


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  1. Haha!

    I’m not really into gaming systems, either, but I’m thinking the Wii would be great fun, and exercise, for the whole family.

  2. You are so cute! I’ve never tried the Wii Fit but everyone loves it and I sure could use some “gettin’ fit”! Maybe I need to ask for it for x-mas! Loved this funny post, Rachel – have fun – Kellan

  3. I too just purchased a Wii for Christmas as well as the Wii Fit to go along with it. I wish I didn’t have to wait so long to use it!

  4. Ya know… its one thing to practice honesty with your kids. Nothing wrong with that, and is — in fact — quite admirable.


    No one said you had to be honest with the Wii. 🙂

  5. um, i’m not sure my ego can handle the plumping of a mii.

    seriously. that is bad bad bad for the head.

    cuz i think i’m overdone too.

  6. I kid you not . . . we were just combing the stores this evening looking for a good deal on a Wii.

    I may need to rethink.

  7. Man, I want Wii Fit so much, this post didn’t even talk me out of it. Bet that by the time I get one, your Mii will be supermodel material. (in a good way)

  8. We love ours too. Wii Fit did the same to me. The kids got a nice chuckle out of it, for me that just motivated me to use it more.

  9. I’m giggling only because little Miss Princess is getting big for her britches, huh? LOL

    You are perfect sweetie! Kiss that Wii’s arse!

  10. That is so funny!! We have a Wii, and I have been literally drooling over Wii Fit, and making not very subtle hints to my husband that it better show up under the tree come Christmas! I’ve heard that they chunk up your Mii according to your real weight, and I’m not looking forward to that sucker punch to my self-esteem, either. 🙂

  11. Hahaha!!
    We got the Wii last Xmas and we ALL love it…I know what you mean though, Ive done that part too…I wont tell you what the Wii said about me!
    But I can bet you are going to be sooo sore tomorrow!

  12. Too cute! I want a Wii and the WiiFit but I can’t justify it to hubs. His response to my WiiFit request- “We pay $50/month to belong to a gym. Go to it.”

    Have enough fun for me, too!

  13. YIKES, I’ve been kinda wanting a Wii and Wii Fit, but I’m not so sure I can handle the truth. lol

    I’ve already got my kids telling me my butt is bigger than dad’s…

  14. I am so afraid if I get one of these, you will never see me again. I’m a bit obsessive, if you haven’t noticed. I so want one thought:P

  15. LOVE my Wii Fit!! But I HATE it when you step on and it says Ohhh like it just said oh you fat cow get the fuck off me. My mii plumped up too. I am overdone and an hour and a half glass too!
    Tell that Wii Fit that it’s on like Donkey Kong!

  16. I cannot wait to use the Wii!! I bought it for Donnie for Christmas.. and I really want to get the Wii fit to try that out..

    Now your little girl.. she killed me.. LOL..

  17. mom’s overdone!!! LOL!!!!!!!

    I REALLY want that wii fit pad. But I’m not sure I need a gaming system in my house. we have the PS2 that no one EVER plays, and we have a closet full of board games and card games we hardly ever play. Do I really need to encourage video games and more time in front of the TV? (but I really want that Wii. and btw, I’ll bet it tells me I’m a bit “overdone” myself)

  18. I'm 71 lbs overweight according to my doctor. I think I'll be getting a Wii & Wii Fit for Christmas. *lol*

  19. BWAHAHAHA! I want the Wii Fit but do NOT want to hear what it says about my weight/height ratio, damnit.

    I stick with Mario Kart for now!

  20. oh wow, didn’t know the wii fit ask all of that. I wanted to get it, now I’m thinking twice.

    should I get it? Is it helping you overall?

  21. LOL! – Where is the icon of the smiley rolling over laughing when you need it? Now I know when we get the Wii to play first while the kids are napping! But I have to ask, did you get a chance to fall in the floor laughing when your hubby tried it out?

  22. We just purchased a Wii for Christmas, too! And, now we can’t find Wii fit. Do you have any hints?

    I’m excited to use it.

    I’m not excited by the fact that I hear it will talk trash to you if you take time off!

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