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I have been known on occasion to take pee-tchas of my kiddos.

Especially Monkey because well…

He just makes for good picture material 😉

So it should come as no surprise that both of my kids are camera crazy, just like their mom.
They will both pick up anything that even vaguely resembles a camera and start clicking and trying to get their subject to pose and say ‘Cheese’ or ‘Meeeese’ if you’re Monkey

Princess is going to come out of her skin because my parents are getting her this for Christmas.

You know what that means don’t you?

Monkey See, Monkey Do right.  That is a sibling war of house shattering proportions in the making.

So imagine my joy and sheer delight when after a bit of research I found this:
That’s right! A camera that Monkey can use! He can follow me around to his heart’s delight saying ‘Meese’ and ‘Mommy, Me Pee-tchas! You’
This sucker has realistic shutter sounds and even disco music! He can rock and roll while practicing for his future as the next (male) Annie Leibowitz. Because y’all know he’s going to support me in my old age, keep me living a life of luxury the likes of which I am not yet accustomed.
He can click to his heart’s desire and I don’t have to worry about him trying to run off with my camera or with Princess’ because now they’ll each have their own camera and even though hers takes real pictures, he won’t care because he’ll be just like us with his big kid camera.
This adorable Monkey Proof camera is sold only at Target and is part of the Parent’s line of toys which are some of my favorite toys because they require your kid to *gasp* actually play with them. These toys do less so your kids do more and they’re reasonably priced. This camera $9.99! Woo hoo!

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  1. I too tend to follow my kids around taking pictures non-stop…so my daughter was in heaven when she got her very own digital camera for her birthday in October…yep just like the one your princess is getting. I finally had to ban the paparazzi moments from the bathroom. Hope your little photags love it to pieces!!!

    Meredith’s latest brilianceThere is no longer an ocean between us

  2. Um…my makeup and wardrobe team get Christmas Day off. What do you expect me to do, groom and dress myself? Preposterous!

    Oh, do I need to bring my camera to make sure that we have a 1:1 person to camera ratio that morning? 😉

  3. Maddie got a camera last year from her Gram and loves it. The only problem is that it only takes really bad pictures of me. It might be that she jumps out of nowhere and snaps before giving me any warning.

    Chelsea/PB&J In A Bowl’s latest briliance

  4. oooh! We love the Parents line of stuff at Target. Emily was 18 months old and we got her the cell phone, where you can record your own message that will play back, plus had several pre-recorded messages, a few little wordless songs, and tones for the number keys. She LOVED IT. And still loved it when her brother was old enough to love it as well. So then we had two. And now, with three kids, we have THREE of the cell phones, because as soon as one has one, they all want to play with it. I’m all about taking turns and sharing, but there are some things in life that are just worth having multiples of, as you well know.

    Can’t wait to see some of what Princess ends up taking, and can’t wait to hear about how much Monkey loves his camera as well! fun fun!

    Leah’s latest brilianceMore hair stuff

  5. Sweet! Thanks for the tip! We’re not getting Nick the kid-proof one, just a $20 Sponge Bob camera, but we know for a fact that it’ll cause problems if the lil guy doesn’t have a camera, too. (The reason Will’s getting cowboy boots for Christmas, cuz he’s still into stealing big brother’s boots and trying to walk around in them. And I though he wouldn’t notice!)

    Colleen – Mommy Always Wins’s latest brilianceChristmas cookies the Slacker Mom way

  6. These are some cool Pee-tchas! I love the one by the fireplace, the look on his face is priceless.

    Joe’s latest brilianceWorst Parents Ever

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