Pencil VS. Eye

You know those parenting moments, the ones that leave you glowing with pride. Yeah, that’s not the kind we’re talking about here. The parenting moment I’m talking about today is the one that leaves you short of breath, heart pounding and hands shaking.
Yep. That parenting moment.

Princess and Monkey were playing in the office today, coloring on their chalkboard table when I heard her yelling at him to stop coloring with the pencil on the table.
Then I heard grunting.
Not Good.

I rushed down the hallway with my heart in my throat and turned into the office with the words “Stop that. Don’t pull it like that, You’ll poke your eye out” stumbling over my lips.
At this point there are multiple thoughts racing through my brain. A) Where the hell did my Mom come from B) Oh, that was me C)holy shit that pencil just went into her eye.

Yup, you guessed it. I rounded the corner just in time to see Monkey let go of the pencil and her rake it up towards her face at that lightning speed that only Pre-Schoolers can accomplish. She drops it. Grabs her face and screams.

I go into calm mommy mode.
I grab her, pull her into my lap, rock her and murmur soothing words. At least I think they were soothing, what was rushing through my mind was anything but appropriate for a 4 year old child’s ears.

I finally pry her hand off her face and while the pterodactyls are having a party in my stomach and my mind is racing over the idea of my child forever after needing to wear an eye patch and the decorative possibilities of that eye patch … I see this:

Painful, yes. But luckily no eye was lost or damaged in the making of this photograph. That sharpened pencil somehow by the grace of God scraped the tar out of her cheek and managed to only skim the outer corner of her eye, after which it went on to scrape through her eyebrow.

We had a long discussion about pointed objects and the proper way to dislodge them from the one year old Monkey’s grasp. Mom or Dad only. Period. End of discussion.

Princess has survived with no permanent damage and I have managed to calm the pterodactyls in my stomach.

Nathan came home, took one look at her face and said “I bet you took pictures.”
Dude, you know I did. Don’t I always.

The pterodactyls are gone, the shaking has subsided and she’s next door playing with her new buddy. And me. I’m enjoying my keyboard working properly, a much deserved ice cold Miller Lite and an episode of Bones.


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  1. You’re darn right she took pictures. What kind of question is that, mister?

    My stomach is turning FOR you.

  2. Eeks! That’s great that you were able to turn on your calm voice. I would have been in hysterics!

    Glad that it was only a scrape and nothing more serious.

  3. OMG! I am so glad that she is okay. That would have scared the tar out of me. You did a great job being calm mom!

  4. Thank goodness that it was a miss! That would have been terrible. I can only imagine how scared you were. I was scared just hearing you recount it!

  5. We always hurt the ones we love, and little brothers love the hell out of their big sisters, don’t they?

    At least this incident didn’t involve tinkertoys and a trip to the emergency room. *innocent whistling*

  6. Monkey’s Uncle: *ahem*
    yep. Thank God he hasn’t done to her what you did to me πŸ™‚ I still have the scar. Ya evil beestard. πŸ™‚ LOL.

  7. Another near miss – thank God!! I was so afraid you were going somewhere worse, but it looks better than it would – you know – sticking …… Poor baby!

    Thanks for you supportive and sweet comment tonight – you are and have always been a good friend – I’m lucky to have found you. Take care of that sweet girl – see you soon – Kellan

  8. I was clenching my stomach reading this.. my stomach was doing flip flops..

    So glad she is okay!! πŸ™‚

  9. Way to go with the pictures!

    Man alive, we haven’t done that one yet. I’m okay with skipping the whole pencil in the eye party all together!!

  10. Yikes! Thankfully she’s ok. Man, that really is a scary parenting moment, eh?? My daughter once found a two inch rusty nail on the floor. Luckily, she brought it to me right away instead of playing with it. I still have no idea where it came from. It’s not like I even own a box of nails!!

  11. Close call…poor Princess. I would have been freaking out! Thank Goodness it didn’t go into her eye…..

  12. I think anything sharp or dangerous or toxic has little kiddie magnets in them that make they hunt out your children’s soft and vulnerable bits . . .

  13. Of course if you have a blog you are totally going to take pictures of EVERYTHING!
    Thank God she missed her eye! So lucky. I would have totally freaked.

  14. Thank goodness for small favors that missed her eye! I’d have been taking pics, too. I even have pictures of Jared getting that space between his eyes taped back together a few months ago at the Urgent Care office. LOL!

  15. All I could think of was “You’ll shoot your eye out…you’ll shoot your eye out”. And I didn’t even LIKE that movie *LOL*

    But that aside…I’m glad no one was seriously hurt!! I would’ve had a heart attack myself!!!

  16. Wow, I’m so glad it didn’t hurt her eye. How scary!

    Thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚ I’m new to yours and enjoy reading it!

  17. Holy crap. We talked for an hour & you didn’t even mention that hon. Geez Louise! I would’ve flipped out.

  18. That made my heart skip a beat just reading it. Oh my…moments like this terrify me. Thank God she was okay. Whew!

  19. dad: Yes, Quackers are a great snack, but they are best opened with scissors, and NOT a butcher’s knife.

  20. You know you are a mommy blogger when the first thing in your head is “I have to get a picture of this, what a great blog it would make!!” lol. I am glad her eye was ok though. What a relief!

  21. Ouch! Why do the sharp objects always make it near the eyes?!

    My hubby would have asked the same question πŸ˜‰

    Hope it heals soon.

  22. I’m so glad she’s okay. My oldest walks around with the sharpest mechanical pencils in his pockets for school which kinda freaks me out. I’m constantly telling him to be careful with them, that he could get seriously hurt with one of them and he’s 12!

  23. You must have been so scared! We had an “if it was one millimeter closer to the eye” accident about a year ago. My son slid off his chair while he was using the computer and hit the area between his eye and the bridge of his nose on the corner of the keyboard tray. If was a very sharp corner and I feel ill when I think how close he came to damaging his eye.

    You handled the situation like a pro!! Great job!

  24. Oh no…. how did I miss this honey? Im so sorry. What a scary day for you. Eeks! Hope all is well.

  25. Awww…the poor girlie. I hate those parenting moments! Luckily, she avoided any serious injury!

  26. It’s so scary when they get hurt. Butterfly slammed her head in the bathroom today. She has a huge lump inbetween her eyes. Seriously, she looks like a cling-on from star trek. Hope your little one recovers quickly!

  27. Mom/Dad blogger thought process:
    Oh S$%#$T! (is it life threatening?)
    Oh whew (it is not)
    Oh crap (where is the camera)
    Oh yay (blog post!)

    It’s universal πŸ™‚

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