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Pencils, Crabs, Giraffes and Dancing Queens


Dancing Queen Princess

You can’t escape

When Pencils Attack

Sun Worshipper or Ticked Off Crustacean?

Monkeys who wear Giraffes like the beach

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  1. That crab is frickin’ awesome!!

    And I love the dancing queen…she looks like she’s having such fun!!

    Great shots!!!

  2. Wonderful shots!! They make me realize that I really need to go to the beach with my kids and my camera soon!!

  3. Such cute pics of your kiddies! The pencil one is so sad~my oldest son (12) had an injury to his right hand the day before the last day of school. It’s so sad when that happens~hope she’s better.

  4. OMG. The pencil injury just makes me hurt.

    The monkey is super cute as are all the other pics this week.

  5. Great shots. I especially love the two dancing. It is so hard to great nice shots of two kids together.

  6. Love the princess dancing & the monkey in his sunglasses at the beach. Darn cute kids you have there!!!
    Isn’t being a mom grand?!?

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