Princess Posed, Monkey Dozed and A Tomato Grows

Penne Vodka and Chicken
tune in tomorrow to mouthwatering monday for the recipe

The Kickball Princess

Posin’ Princess

The pics we paid for are abysmal. So I took some myself.

Monkey after Mother’s Day on the Boat

Pizza Poppers

My First Tomato

Weekly Winners is hosted at SarcasticMom.Com the home of the photo goddess, Lotus

Don’t forget to enter to win 50 boxes of Mac and Cheese for your family and 50 to be donated to Feeding America food banks (formerly Second Harvest)

Tomorrow is Mouthwatering Monday! So heat up your favorite recipe and snap on your drool bib as we share our weekly recipe!!

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  1. You take amazing photos chickybabe. I love the life you see and show! Also, those pizza poppers just made me gain ten pounds… yum!!

  2. Really? Tomatoes already?

    I’m just hoping the freakin’ FROST tonight doesn’t kill what I planted.

  3. Posin princess is just too wonderful!!! Great shots Rachel..

    And I know I am getting out of hand with the compliment on the guacamole recipe..but I made it again today for a birthday party and it was the HIT of the party.. BEST Guacamole they ever had ..I heard that over and over and over.


  4. I love love the pictures you took of her! How stinkin’ cute is she!!!???!! 🙂

    I have Miss C’s dance proofs. I’m buying just one pic and then I’m going to take some of her in her costume with my dad’s antique car. So often the best pics are the ones we take ourselves! (if you lived close by I’d totally ask you to HALP!)

    p.s. am checking out that recipe

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