I got the scare of my blogging life tonight.

I came home from an AMAZING Meet the Teacher night at school. We are in love with Princess’ teacher. She’s adorable, enthusiastic, sweet and *just* *love*

Princess actually used the phrase: “I adore Mrs. K” (SCORE)
I made dinner, I sat down at my computer to begin the process of compiling pictures and video into a scintillating, fun, quick little slide-show video on how to make a quick and delicious garlic tomato pasta when I was SMACKED in the face by my internet.



nothing matches this search

So, I logged into my dashboard.

only to see this.

0 posts

0 pages

Cue me dying.

THREE YEARS (nearly) of memories, tributes, letters to my children (not to mention the hundreds of recipes and pictures) stories only stored here, in my online home, my online heart.

gone. wiped out.

Obviously, since you’re seeing this… you know it’s been fixed.

HUGE kudos to HostGator and their supremely amazing and FAST online Live Chat support (BIG ups to Bear aka Lorne Na {sorry I called you ma’am})

They had updated my server and there was a glitch in the something-something.

Within 10 minutes of contact.. “Bear” had my memories back up and my heart resumed beating.

The Lesson:

  • Daily Back-Ups should be e-mailed to you. DAILY. Maybe even TWICE, daily.
  • Twitter friends are amazing, their reach, their support, their knowledge
  • Live Chat Support: if you don’t have this… find it.
  • back up. back up. back up. back up. back up.

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      1. They are CRAZY amazing! HostGator is who Alli uses for all the Blissfully Domestic and Alli Worthington Media stuff and they. they rock my flip flops.

        I am SO grateful.

    1. I *just* backed it up and sent the export file to my own email. Thanks for the reminder and sorry that happened.

      1. Pam. I’m SO glad you did that!
        If this happening reminds and helps others to back up, totally worth the 30 minutes or so of utter panic and stomach into the floor that I felt. <3

    2. I saw your frantic tweets earlier. I’ve had that panicky feeling before. Hot tears and wrenching stomach is all a remember.

      Back up, indeed!

      1. SUGAH!

        YES. So scary. I may become a back up checking fiend. Also, need to look into the whole blog to book thing, so that I can print out the memories and pictures of my family and friends.

    3. This happened to me a few months ago and I had exactly the same reaction. Thankfully I also have Host Gator and they fixed things right up. But I have been really adamant about backups since then. I had a plugin that would email me backups every day…but unfortunately it doesn’t work now with WP3.0…so I’m in search of another one that does auto backups. I would just fall apart if I lost the last 6 years worth of my posts!

    4. Panic! Glad everything worked out. I do the database backup emails too, and back up on my machine, and a separate hard drive. I lost lots of pix from my baby’s first few months, before I started blogging. Thankfully, we also lost my birth pix, although I know I’ll want them someday. They’re on a crashed hard drive, hopefully we can recover some when we have the extra grand to spend for recovery fees.

    5. This happened to me a couple weeks ago, but I think it was my computer Internet connection that hiccupped. On the third try, there was my blog. I nearly died in the space of that 3 minutes that felt like 3 HOURS.

    6. I saw this post yesterday on Facebook and read about this thinking, thank god it wasn’t me! Well, I woke up early to get work done and it happened to me too! I panicked, freaked, wanted to cry and then remembered what you wrote. So I did the online chat for Hostgator and boom in 10 minutes all 818 posts and pages were in tact.


      1. Oh Sommer!
        I guess I’m glad that it happened to me so it could help you!!! It’s an absolutely horrifying experience!!!
        Hostgator is pretty amazing, right? They’ve definitely gained my loyalty and respect! So glad it worked out as well for you, too!

    7. I too think HostGator is great (web developer hubby hosts all of his sites with them), but I think it’s funny that you give them all the fix-it credit but only briefly mention that they caused your near-death experience in the first place. : )

      1. 🙂 I do try to keep on the sunny side 😉
        I think because I realize it was totally unintentional and they were so quick with their response…. 🙂

    8. You got my heart rate up just reading about that. I use host gator too and I have been so impressed by them. I have absolutely 0 ability to fix things in a crisis so I’m always glad when they can translate my crazed ramblings and get things working again.

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