Racks Rock.

In my husband’s opinion, that rack up there Rocks the most for many reasons but mainly, because it’s mine and I let him fondle it at will.

* I think my rack rocks because those bewbs up there have nursed two children for over a year apiece and that is a treasure beyond words for me.

* They give my hour-glass (well, really more of an hour and a half right now)more definition

* My rack rocks because it’s healthy.

* My husband does his part, he gropes his wife.

* This rack rocks because it is supported by super sexy Victoria’s Secret Bras!

Tell me why your rack rocks. Are you getting felt up regularly?
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  1. my rack rocks because it also nourished three of my four babies … for longer than i can admit to 😉

  2. My rack rawks because they fed 2 out of 3 of my boys, they are neither too small nor too big…they are just right, they helped give me an income back in the day.

  3. Well, I’ll go for the fact that mine nursed three children and that they appear to be healthy, but otherwise, they don’t have much going for them. Nursing robbed them of any amount of perkiness they may have once had (I may have to test out good ol’ Victoria!) and losing 12lbs so far has robbed them of whatever plumpness they may have once had. LOL

  4. My rack rawks cuz I have been going for an annual ‘knead and squeeze’ for the past 10 year… and fed both my kids until they became teething toys.

  5. My racks rock because they turned me into a Dairy Queen for well over a year while nursing my daughter.


    Back when they looked pretty in Vicky Secret bras.

  6. And hour and a half. You kill me.

    Mine rocks because of the nursing thing. Other than that, I need Vickie’s help to really be rockin’ nowadays. Cause of the whole nursing thing…

  7. Mine doesn’t rock, really, because Fred and Ethel look like their namesakes 75 and wrinkled.

  8. My racks rock, all “5 minutes” of them. Of course, when they were busy nursing I definitely had some rock and roll going . . . .

  9. my rack rocks because these girls nursed one of my triplets and pumped for the other 2 (who came home from NICU unwilling to latch). and though i now am missing a good half of the right sister,they are at the moment healthy.

  10. My Rack Rocks because my Dh tells me it does. After 3 kids I sometimes feel differently but a good bra does wonders…..:)

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