Reynolds® Real Moms Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Today is the day that I can share the Slow Cooker BBQ chicken recipe with y’all!


Well, kind of.

I can’t share it on here, because it’s my (gasp) video for this week’s Reynolds® Real Moms Ambassador Finalist post.

You have to click through the link to see the video recipe for my  Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Legs on the Reynolds® Real Moms Ambassador FB page

Okay.  Okay.

Because I adore y’all.. and honestly, I find myself a bit ridiculous…


here’s the video.



I know.

I wish I had the Reynolds crew following me around while I cook, because their video and editing skills are much better than mine 🙂

Seriously y’all,  if you’re so inclined…I’d love your vote.

Just go to Reynolds FB page  – LIKE – it and then vote for me (or whomever)

Because I’m super helpful.. I thought I’d give y’all a visual aid.                                                                      That’s me ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ there 🙂

Just in case you weren’t sure 🙂

I would love y’all’s vote, but vote for whomever tickles your fancy or share your favorite tips and recipes – you really can’t go wrong.

Remember y’all

  • voting is ONLY open on Wednesdays.
  • You can only vote once.
  •  and voting doesn’t work on ANY mobile devices (ie .. ipad.. iphone.. blackberry etc…)

Thank y’all for supporting all that we do <3


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