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  1. I hate that feeling. Not sure I can even read your post–it will probably bring back memories of losing my kids at the grocery store or other public place.

    1. It’s a horrible feeling, Emily!! I’m glad I’ve shared the story, though… I have had several parents already tell me that they never thought to teach their children their phone number. <3

  2. Ugh, so terrifying! Though I don’t have children myself, I don’t think you need to, to relate to that horrible feeling. Great post, Rachel. I am very glad you found your little ones, and offered that great piece of advice. Here’s to many wonderful and wooly adventures, where everyone returns home safely!

  3. I know that horrible feeling. When my youngest was about 5 we were t the mall with some friends watching the ice skaters. We turned and went Into a store and she was gone. I went nuts looking for her. She was coming up the escalator with a security guard. It is the most heart stopping thing that any parent goes through
    Glad yours are all right. Going to teach my grand kids phone numbers

  4. Oh Rachel, what a great topic and article though my heart aches you guys went through that. So many do though, so this is so good you shared.

    I know the feeling and fear it constantly at the Boardwalk. One time a family had the kindergarten birthday party there, and told families to just “drop off kids.” We thought that was a little beyond our families comfort (and a couple of others, too). So a few of us stuck around. We talked and sort of divvied up the kids into groups of about 3 and we tried to be responsible for those kids. (There were about 22 kids.) We tried to keep head counts, learn names, etc The host family, though, thought it was all unnecessary so they ran off. One of the kids who followed the family vanished. So, the family lost someone else’s kid and did not even notice until one of us “headcount parents” called it to their attention. Luckily it was quick, we had park employees notified and we found the child quickly. But losing someone else’s kid…

  5. o incrível que perder os próprios filhos em parques de diversões é bem mais comum do que se imagina. a atenção tem que ser redobrada nessas horas.

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