Saturday’s Smorgasbord

I’ve been hit with a couple of MeMe’s over the last few days (Thanks guys) so I’m picking one at random and doing that one today on here just because I can.
This blog VD fun little MeMe is from the amazing Amy at Memories and Musings of a Mommy
She’s hit me with the 6 quirks MeMe.
Here are the rules
1) Post the rules on your blog.
2) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
3) Tag at least three people at the end of your post.
4) Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
5) Let the fun begin.

1. My first quirk is that I must know the exact definition of a word prior to using it so here you are: quirk (kwûrk)
1. A peculiarity of behavior; an idiosyncrasy:
2. An unpredictable or unaccountable act or event; a vagary: a quirk of fate.
3. A sudden sharp turn or twist.
4. An equivocation; a quibble.
5. Architecture A lengthwise groove on a molding between the convex upper part and the soffit.

2. I love to read and often get fidgety if I can’t read. I will read the side of a cereal box if that’s all there is.
3. I can’t stand melted cheese on meat, unless it is a hamburger made by me on my own grill.
4. I will write a thank you note 5 times or more until I like my handwriting on it. I find it a sure sign that society is going to hell in a laundry basket when people do not write thank you notes.
5. I like change. I get sort of antsy when things are the same all the time. Whether it’s tweaking little things on the blog, wanting to move to a new city, or just changing my hairstyle.. I like things being a little shaken up and don’t understand people who are afraid of change.
6. I am apparently not nearly as quirky as I thought. I must now go find some quirks.

Thanks Amy. I am tagging Jill at Caffeine Court and My darling Nap at Chronicles of a Stay at Home Mom and finally the adorable Dixie

Next Up.
I have gotten a couple of awards recently and have been remiss about thanking the wonderful people who have bestowed the honor upon me, so here goes.

This awesome award comes from Jill at Caffeine Court and was award to me for my Tongue Lashing Post. Thank you Jill, I am truly honored that you chose this post for your ‘Slamming’ award. Jill is an awesome writer, she’s got a razor sharp wit, a hysterical way of expressing herself and a fantastic perspective about her own life. You need to visit her and bookmark her, if you haven’t already.

This darling award makes me feel all gushy inside. It’s from the precious Piper over at Bliss in Bloom. Thank you so much Piper. The note she sent me with this award was so sweet. She is a truly inspirational spirit and if you haven’t discovered her yet… well get over there. NOW!

Next in today’s Smorgasbord comes linkaliciousness.

I discovered Google Alerts Go here, enter your URL, leave the search Comprehensive and then select how often you want to be notified. It searches the web for any mention and links back to you and then e-mails you about it. It is fabulous!

I stumbled upon this Blog Deliciousness and am now in bloggy lust in awe of her talents and the ease with which she explains how to alter and play with your blogger templates. She could be the one woman blogger for dummies. It was through her ‘how to’ that I figured out how to put the signature on my page. I’m still learning y’all.

I have been wanting a Label Cloud for ages, but blogger doesn’t offer one, then I stumbled upon this guy’s ‘how to’ and even my code deficient self was able to install and then even tweak it! He rocks, in my opinion.

Last, but not least.

We all know Texans are a proud bunch. Can I get a Yee Haw?!
Well, I’m in the midst of creating some Texas Mom Blogger buttons and putting together a Texas Mom Bloggers (or Parent) Blogroll for ease and efficiency of finding each other and just giving a little Texas love and support.
Any of you interested?
I know of AnglophileFF, June Cleaver Nirvana, Kellan and Amy at BratPack.. who else is out there? Anyone interested? Email me.


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  1. Thank you for being a good Southern gal & writing thank yous. I write them for everything. Not email…only personalized snail mail for me. I also have a drawer full of note cards for the baby & I donning our names. And, I will rewrite 10 x until I like my handwriting, too.

  2. I, too, read everything. In the doctor’s office I’ve read up on all sorts of ailments and problems that I probably didn’t need to know about for lack of other material.

  3. What? Cheese on meat is so good! I love melted swiss on grilled chicken. Yum! You’re missing out.

  4. MoMoFali love: It’s a texture thing. The greasiness, the *gag* I just can’t do it.
    No ma’am. SHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Don’t even go there 🙂
    Dixie: You’re welcome 🙂

  5. I have been a lurker on your blog for a while so I’m sure you have no idea who I am, but I was born and raised in Texas. However I got transplanted to Maryland for the last 6 years. However, we are planning to move back to Texas in May. Texas is home to me!

  6. Hi Courtney! I love when my lurkers come out of the closet and comment! Thanks for commenting 😉 Once a Texan, always a Texan 🙂
    DMD~ hello gorgeous!! Thank you!

  7. i am so glad i added you to my google reader. i just love all of your bloggy goodness!

    and google alerts?!?! AWESOME!!

  8. I am so with you on #5. Get the same itch too.

    Thanks for those links 🙂
    Have a great Saturday!

  9. Oh my goodness, so many great links! I read everything too and I have to know the exact meanings of words too. It’s a relief to know it isn’t just me who constantly looks things up in the dictionary!

  10. Thank you notes are so important and they MUST go through the ACTUAL mail. I think it is a crime that all that fun stationery (that is right isn’t it, with an “e” Oh now I am doubting myself…) is wasting away in this world because no one sends notes. You are helping out by using 5 per person. I share the reading quirk and know way too much about Silk Soymilk because often it is the only thing on the table to read.

  11. I’m the same way about reading. I always have a book or 3 with me… in the car, in my purse, at work, piles next to the bed… everywhere.

  12. Love pipers blog…glad she awarded you with that. I was so excited when she gave me one too!

  13. I was just googling Tag Clouds a couple of days ago. I am going over to the site you recommended

    Thank you!

  14. Okay, I don’t know what a tag cloud is, so I guess I better figure that out…
    And thanks for the Texas button, I will display it with pride, YEE HAW!

  15. You know, you think it would be enough for you guys to take up half of the USA. But, no, you gotta’ constantly be rubbing in the sunshine and the heat and all in those sweet twangs.

    Can you sense my jealousy?

    Oh, but come August, I’ll be enjoying my mountain breezes!

  16. We have lots of similarities – that writing one for instance. I will go through at least 2 or 3 Christmas cards to each relative before I actually put them in the mail. I think it’s called..anal 😀

  17. I finally made it, thanks to google’s cooperation!

    I love changes all the time, but small ones, moving states (which I did 18 months ago) was pretty traumatic (of course, I was 28 wks pregnant at the time too).

    I’ll be stopping by often, thanks for visiting!

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