Scrolling Saturday: Nipples or Laffy Taffy

The fantabulous Coleen from Manners & Moxie in conjunction with the super darling Melissa at Such Simple Pleasures came up with the adorable idea of Scrolling Saturdays, where newbie bloggers or seasoned (now with garlic) bloggers can delve into their archives and re-post a post that either didn’t get much traffic, or because you’re lazy and brain dead and can’t think of anything to write on Saturday or one that you just feel the need to re-visit.
I am posting this post Nipples or Laffy Taffy which I wrote about 8 months ago about breastfeeding. My son has quit nursing this week and it’s a very sad time because he’s my last. I’ll never nurse again and there’s just nothing quite like that bond. *sigh*
Previously Posted November 4, 2007.

I’m wondering what my 10 month old (today, he’s 10 months today! How did that happen?) sees when he looks with such delight at my nipples as the come towards his hungry puckering little mouth. Sometimes he treats them with the reverence they deserve considering they’ve been feeding him for the last 10 months of his little life and other times he latches on and pulls and stretches and gnaws on them like he’s in a taffy pulling contest. I mean really, what’s the deal? It’s become especially fun since he got his teeth. The little beaver! I love this child more than I thought possible but sometimes… when he clamps down… it is all I can do not to thunk him on the forehead or rip him away from the breast (I stop when I remember those teeth scraping over that sensitive skin).
My husband however, finds all of this positively hysterical! He thinks it is the height of amusement when Noah pops off and has that ridiculously sated ultra happy look on his face and the aforementioned nipple looks like one of those kindergarten huge pencil erasers. Yeah… all breastfeeding mothers see the humor in this one. Uh huh.
I love the child but really… this is not a taffy pulling contest and they are nipples, attached to MY body and they give life sustaining nutrients and he treats them this way. ARGH! Oh well… off to the taffy pulling.

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  1. I think breastfeeding was one of the things I missed most about when my kids were babies… but when they drew blood, weaning did commence.

    via Scrolling Saturdays

  2. my son nursed until he was 7 months old…then…he wouldn’t have anything to do with me!! it was cold turkey! but…i can relate…and i remember. not comfy!!

  3. Oh, I can SO relate! I nursed all 6 of mine…sadly/happily, we are done after 13+ years of being either pregnant or nursing… Ah, memories….

  4. What a cute post!! “Taffy pulling” – ouch, but so funny!

    Have a good weekend Rachel – see you later. Kellan

  5. My husband says it’s just not fair; we get these huge ta-tas from nursing, but never want them to be touched after a day of having them sucked on!

    Thankfully no teeth for my little sucker, yet.

  6. LOL! I only lasted two days after each of my boys got teeth . . . one scrape of that sharp little tooth across my nipple and I was done. I remember wondering what they were thinking too, Goofy especially. I’d realize he had quit nursing, look down and see that he had gotten so busy smiling that sweet dimpled smile at me, he’d forgotten what he was doing!

  7. this is something i very much look forward to once the Lord blesses our family with a baby!

    yea really!

    i am so glad that Scrolling Saturday came again. i forgot to add you to my blog roll last time i was here and i forgot the name of your blog…adding you now!

  8. Oh that’s funny! Luckily or perhaps by some miracle I never got bit. And I nursed all four of them for at least 13 months!

  9. Ah, the last breastfeeding moment . . .

    I found that I didn’t want to be sad, but I cried and felt ridiculous for it. After all, I had my body back. Still . . .

    Blog Hopping–HP

  10. My wife was actually relieved when the breastfeeding was over. It had become a battleground rather than a bonding experience and she was all to happy to let it go.

  11. I miss breastfeeding too, and wish I could’ve done it longer, and would’ve been more educated about the benefits back then……oh well……. {{{}}}

  12. Gah! Sounds a bit painful. I nursed, pumped and bottle fed the twins and eventually gave up the nursing…then the pumping. The pain even in those beginning days (trying to nurse 2 – like every 3 hours) was insane. I can’t imagine what it’s like as they get stronger.

    Cute post.

  13. I am glad you reposted this…I don’t think I remember this…I am pretty sure I would remember anything with nipples and/or laffy taffy 🙂

    My security code for this comment was: gogag

    No kidding!

    The Egel Nest

  14. Oh the super rubbery nipple… the fun of breastfeeding. I too miss it, actually – not the nipple – the bonding, sweet time with the babe. Now my 2-year old just comes up to me and gives me a zerbert on the toosh (when I’m naked)… I guess that’s bonding at its best, huh?

  15. taffy pulling contest…hehehe!

    I don’t miss breast feeding as much as I thought I would, but then, my kids are the biggest snugglers on the planet.

  16. What a wonderful re-post…I wish that I had been able to breast feed..I was only able to do it for a couple of weeks with each of my children..but I did try. Hard to believe how fast they grow baby just turned five..I am going to go cry now…thanks.

  17. Funny story! I breastfed all three of mine, well past teeth. This might sound mean, but a quick flick of finger to forehead worked pretty well to teach mine not to chew. I only had to use it a couple of times for each of them. 🙂

  18. oooooowwww. I’ve always wondered how you would avoid that. So, when you figure it out, please do let me know. I want to bf with the next!

  19. My first two months of breastfeeding was sheer torture. It’s truly amazing I continued on with it. She drew blood every single time she nursed FOR 2 MONTHS.

    I do not remember that time fondly.

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