Simple and Delicious Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole

One of the reasons that I love this sausage and egg breakfast casserole is that it’s easy, it’s delicious, and it can be made the night before!  It doesn’t hurt that the blending of the spicy sausage, the creamy eggs, and the rich, sharp cheese makes for an incredibly delicious, mouth-watering meal.  Seriously y’all your taste buds will dance with delight and your friends and family will ask what they can do for you if only you’ll make this for them.

Easy Southern Style Sausage, Egg, Cheese, and Hashbrown Casserole

overnight sausage and egg breakfast casserole | A Southern Fairytale

I made it for our weekly bible study a couple weeks ago, and there wasn’t any left for me to take back home. 

Legitimately, y’all – the dish was just about scraped clean, because several of the ladies were taking it home to share with their families.  THAT is happiness, y’all.  I love feeding people, it’s part of my love language, I show love through actions, and feeding people, seeing them smile, hearing their moans of enjoyment, and delight – it’s happiness.  I’ll never understand the people who hoard their recipes and refuse to share – that’s just bizarre.

Easy Breakfast Casserole for a crowd

overnight sausage and egg casserole | A Southern Fairytale

Simple and Delicious Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole

This easy and delicious breakfast casserole can be made the night before, and baked the day of your breakfast, brunch, or gathering. This is perfect to take to new parents, teacher appreciation week, or just because it's the weekend.
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Prep Time:10 mins
Cook Time:1 hr
Total Time:1 hr 10 mins


  • 4 Cups frozen shredded hashbrowns
  • 2 Cups shredded sharp cheddar
  • 1 pound cooked breakfast sausage I use the hot sausage because we like a little oomph in our food
  • 1/2 Cup chopped green onions
  • 8 eggs beaten
  • 2 12 oz cans evaporated milk
  • 1/2 to 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


  • Arrange hashbrowns in an even layer in the bottom of a greased 9X13 pan
  • Sprinkle with cheese, cooked sausage and green onions: set aside
  • Combine eggs, milk, salt and pepper: blend well
  • Pour the egg mixture over the hashbrown mixture, cover and refrigerate for several hours, or overnight
  • Bake, uncovered at 350° F degrees until the center is set: 40 to 50 minutes if chilled. 50 to 60 minutes if chilled overnight.


You can add some kick to this with 1/2 sharp cheddar and 1/2 pepper jack cheese - or 1 Tablespoon of crushed red pepper
You can add some smoked paprika to the top just prior to baking to add some color and pop.
Course: Breakfast
Author: Rachel - A Southern Fairytale

** This recipe originally appeared on A Southern Fairytale in 2009.  Here’s the photo that accompanied the post.   I’m giving some of my favorite recipes new life and sharing them with y’all.**

Have a delicious week!!!



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  1. I live in the south… I’m down with any recipe that has “sausage” in the title. Sounds awesome and I’ll be sure to test it this week!

    Sammanthia’s latest brilianceLook, I’m A Picasso!

      1. Thank you so much, Linda! It absolutely made my day to have you come back and take the time to tell me that you made it and that y’all enjoyed it! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Now, don’t fall out of your chair or anything, but I actually make this one periodically. We don’t put the hashbrowns at the bottom, but that’s an interesting twist on the recipe I use (which is actually “start with eggs and throw in all the leftovers from the fridge”).

    Colleen – Mommy Always Wins’s latest brilianceWeekly Winners – February 8-14, 2009

  3. My aunt does a version of this for our birthday luncheons (she serves it as a brunch meal) and it’s FABULOUS!!! I’ve never attempted it myself yet, though. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    1. Food doesn’t make children fat…lack of parenting and education about good food choices does….children are obese because parents allow them to sit in front of the tv and eat whatever they want.

    2. Actually McDonalds and Burger King and Sugars and Cakes, and chips make our children obese… Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.. THis has protein, dary, and starch all wrapped up in one simple meal. All we need is some orange juice.

  4. I have been searching for this information – Simple and Delicious Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole: MWM – for months – but it’s all here. I will bookmark this domain and return often. Jilly P

  5. Just made this for our Christmas Eve brunch!!! I did use a variety of cheeses though (I am a cheese lover) Can’t wait to take it out of the oven tomorrow morning 🙂

  6. Thanks for the recipe! Put it together on Christmas eve, baked it Christmas morning. Super easy, and by far the best breakfast casserole we’ve made.

  7. Anyone know if this recipe will turn out well with unsweetened almond milk in place of the milk? We are a lactose intolerant household.

    1. Katie – it’s been recommended that you do 2/3 the amount in Almond Milk because the eggs will carry the dish in the end. Thanks to Carolyn Ketchum from All Day I Dream About Food for this recommendation!

    2. Here’s what Barbara recommends -“l I would suggest she cook down the almond milk a bit…substituting something of that viscosity for evaporated milk might alter the outcome in a bad way. Evaporated milk is just that…so she could evaporate the almond milk a bit to get a better one on one substitution.”

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