I often get asked why I have my camera bag with me wherever we go…

Sometimes it’s to capture a memory that I didn’t even know was going to be made

splashing with daddy

Sometimes it’s to capture the beauty of nature in unexpected ways

spider webs

Sometimes it’s to simply capture a moment

the bird

But mostly…

It’s because sometimes…

there are moments of childhood that should be preserved somewhere other than my heart

baby on beach

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    1. Awww. Thank you Breanna! That’s so sweet, I am getting more and more thrillied with the images that I’ve been able to capture!

    1. LOL!!! Luckily we were at the National Seashore and they provide shower facilities! He had a blast runnin’ around *nekkid* in the ocean.

  1. I so need to get better at carrying my camera with me all the time for that exact same reason…. however, minus the uhm supah cute baby in the picture. However, I agree and I think more people should because really? You may see something, but nothing captures the beauty more than a camera and pictures to proove it.

    It’s the little things… 🙂

  2. …and when I say minus the supah cute baby in the picture in my previous comment, it’s because I am childless at the moment, and so obviously wouldn’t be able to take a sweet picture of like that yet 🙂

    Just wanted to make sure that didn’t come across the wrong way!

  3. Awesome captures girlie!

    You know that swiss gear has this awesome purse/camera bag that holds my canon and extra gear nicely. I will have it on my shoulder at BlogHer you will have to check it out. Its great because I don’t have to carry both the purse and the camera bag. I use it on my professional shoots as well, it always freaks out the clients when they can’t “see” my camera bag. They are always amazed its not just a purse.
    .-= Domestic Extraordinaire´s last blog ..Happy 4th of July =-.

  4. Perfectly said and perfectly captured. You’re reminding me why I need to take more pictures.

  5. Oh Rachel.. so very true.. I never truly understood the value of non-stop picture taking until I had my boys.. I used to cringe everytime my Poppy would pull out the camera.. but those photos he took bring me right back to the day.. wonderful post girl.. xox
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Unwinding at Robert Moses Beach =-.

  6. You know I’m right there with you. I actually ditched my lovely Coach purse for a camera bag that has a space for my wallet and keys. It’s perfect!

  7. Alternate reason: future blackmail. However that last picture is awesome and if it’s does not become blackmail, it’s a photo that will always, always bring a smile to your face.
    .-= Vicky´s last blog ..The BIG 3!!! =-.

  8. I am so showing this to my family because they complain when I take my camera with me anywhere! Geez. What’s a photophile to do? (BTW, I dont’ know if that’s a word or not)
    .-= Ree´s last blog ..The one where I show how uncharitable I can be =-.

    1. I will absolutely accept Photophile as an answer 😉 Lord knows I’m one for making up words.. Tonguegasm anyone? Heh.

      show the family and then tell them to love it 😉

  9. I just saw this on “Say if Forward” with 5minutesformom.com

    I love this post.

    Love, love love.

    Now I want to rush to a beach and strip my son down and force him to happily lay in the water.

    Lucky for him, we live in MO.

    .-= Christina Elliott´s last blog ..All that excitement. =-.

  10. Yeah, I’m usually lugging my camera around in my bag, too… for all of those reasons. Whenever I go to take it out, I think, today is the day I’ll see something magnificent… and then I put the camera back in the bag and suffer the weight.
    .-= Sugar Jones´s last blog ..That Aching Feeling =-.

  11. How beautiful. I wish my husband appreciated my camera. He thinks we should just live in the moment. He’s not into preserving the memories. I can see his point, but I love my photographs. I’m like you – I take the camera everywhere!
    .-= Mary@Everyday Baby Steps´s last blog ..It’s Been Awhile =-.

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