Stinky Swamp Juice, Fried Pickles and Christmas Trees

So we’re finally home.
Pinky Eye is still reigning supreme over my eyes, the kids are clear… now it’s just me. I’m wondering if Pink eye is like Chicken Pox, the older you are, the worse it is. Because this is just awful.
So let’s talk about the trip to mom’s, over there in Aggieland.

Mom has been a tad bit incapacitated as of late because she tripped over my youngest brother’s dog and bashed her nose, blackened her eyes, hairline fractured both wrists and jacked up her tailbone… all in one swift dog induced blunder.
So… back to Aggieland.
Dad is moving home from Australia for good on the 22nd!! Cue the choirs of angels.

In order to have her house cleaned and decorated in time for the 2 glorious events: Dad coming home and Christmas…

It was Rachel to the rescue.
I pulled a Cinderella and tackled the house.   4 1/2 hours later – not bad, looks gorgeous..

I was rewarded with Chipotle.  If you don’t know Chipotle.. you are missing out.  This is an addiction.  I am constantly harrassing, er, appealing to them to build one down here.

No such luck.

Anywhoo… Chipotle. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. (Channeling Homer Simpson) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Chipotle.
Anyhooo… *wiping drool*
After my delectable meal of a massive steak burrito from Chipotle.  I went back to mom’s house to tackle the beast, I mean tree.

After a couple hours, nearly losing a finger, 1000 lights, a few choice expletives and a couple of beers. I won.

That night my darlin’ brothers and I ventured out to Wings’n’More for some fried pickles
Yum!! Ice Cold Beers, and some Buffalo tenders and Wings.

Have I mentioned that Fried Pickles rock!!

Yes, it is a southern thing.
Finally to end our weekend and complete the title trilogy…

Princess wanted to sleep with her Bebe…

She rolls over to lie face to face with Bebe and says:
“Bebe, can you stop breathing. Your breath smells like stinky swamp juice”
Feel free to laugh hysterically.  We did, I still do everytime I think of that!!
Finally, we’re home… we’re in our own beds (4 1/2 hour trip)
It was wonderful, it was exhausting, it was action packed.
So Here’s to Stinky Swamp Juice, Fried Pickles and Christmas Trees!

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  1. The tree is gorgeous! I’ve never had fried pickles but I’d be willing to try them 🙂 Stinky swamp juice… that was hysterical!

    thanks for visiting my blog, yours is very funny… sub’ing in bloglines now!

  2. Laughing all the way here!
    The tree is Beautiful! And fried pickles?? Never heard of them and I have southern roots. What is wrong with me?? I am going to have to figure out how to get my hands on them all the way up here in NY!

  3. i love pickles…not sure about the fried thing…i’ll bet my hubby would love those!
    yikes, to your mom! hope she feels better!
    tree…gorgeous. that is one thing, being jewish, that i miss out on…the decorations!
    stinky swamp juice…the pickles don’t have to be fried, to make your breath smell like that!
    we have a chipolte…right by where i live. i’ve never been there…and, i’ve been dying to try it…going to have to go there!
    thanks for thinking i’m not whining. sometimes, i feel like all i do, on my blog, is whine!
    have a great day!

  4. Hear, Hear…yay for fried pickles and are a girl after my own heart….lurve them both…the tree looks gorgeous…you are such a good daughter!
    Stinky swamp juice! Where do they come up with this stuff?

  5. LOL!
    There was absolutely ranch with the fried pickles and there’s just nothing like them!!
    Thanks for the compliments y’all.
    I’m pretty sure that means that she has been watching too much Shrek trilogy when she’s referencing Swamp Juice… stinky or otherwise! LOL.

  6. Love, love, love fried pickles!!
    Tree looks beautiful!
    Stinky Swamp Juice Breath- AWESOME!

    Family memories- you just can’t beat ’em.

  7. The local brew pub in our old hometown had beer battered fried pickles and hooooooo doggies, they were addictive! Now, wanna come clean my house? Pretty please?

  8. Fried Pickles! YUM!!!
    Sorry about the pink eye and your mom! WOW.

    The Christmas tree looks great and your daughter cracks me up!

  9. LOVE love love the tree!! Come do mine!!

    Princess thinks Bebe’s breath is bad….then she does not want to sleep with my hubby. Ewwwww!!

    Sorry about your eyes! Love ya!!


  10. I was very leery of this fried pickle thing when we moved to Memphis, but a friend made me try them and now I’m addicted! Fried dill pickles, with ranch dipping sauce? Yum yum yum!!!

  11. You can buy these all natural pink eye drops at a health food store. It will dry them puppies up in a jiffy, and it is safe for kiddos too.
    I have used it a few times.

    Have you ever had fried green tomatoes? If you go to Dollywood, in Tennessee, they have the ROCKIN best one’s!

  12. Thanks for the love y’all!
    Sassy~ thanks for the heads up about the all natural stuff. I’ll have to check that out.
    I adore fried green tomatoes!!

  13. I’m wondering if the Stinky Swamp Juice breath is due to the Fried Pickles?

    The tree is Gorgeous!

    Chipotle. Yummm. In California I was 5 minutes from one, now I have to drive 30 minutes and into another state. Chipotle is the BEST! My fave is the pork burrito bowl.

  14. sorry you got the pink eye..sounds like a busy time…glad you made it through it on one piece..I have had fried pickles before and yes they are yummy!

  15. You are my kind of blog!!!

    Thanks for stopping by. I am in LOVE with your blog. Swamp juice? Funny stuff. Will be back.

    BTW… love your tree too.

  16. I almost broke out in hives looking at that T A&M picture- I think I’m allergic to Aggies. No, really, I think I am.
    And was the almost lost finger before or after the beer? I happen to know from experience that beer should always come last. Especially if you’re handling things that can break. Like an entertainment stand.
    Beautiful job!

  17. Thanks y’all!
    The beer came after the tree was up. It looks much prettier in person, promise. I have been informed by Bebe that she’s none to thrilled with my posting Swamp Juice on the internet.
    *sigh* Sorry Mom.
    Chipotle rocks! Fried Pickles rock, seriously.
    Welcome to all first timers and thanks for stopping in. Please come back!

  18. Your daughter is funny. Fried pickles must be a southern thing. I don’t think we have that up here in the Pacific NW.

  19. The Only Thing I Know is…

    Fried pickles, fried twinkies… No wonder why the obesity rate is so high in the south, eh?

    Oh! And have you tried the fried oreos at the fair yet? LOL.

    Dad’s bringing me chocolate, right? And that Australian we talked about too?

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