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Strawberry Avocado Salsa

{God bless each and every one of you who is dealing with Taxes today}

Today is the release of my wonderfully talented friend Lori’s new cookbook: The Recipe Girl Cookbook!!


I feel like throwing streamers and confetti and showering Lori’s world with glitter and yumminess and mimosas.

However, Lori lives a bit far away for me to do that, so instead, I’m celebrating with my family and neighbors by making another wonderful recipe from Lori’s cookbook.

Last week I made Lori’s Banana-Carrot Cake with Cinnamon-Cream Cheese Frosting, and it was a hit with the family, and the neighbors.

It is quite possibly the most delicious carrot cake that I’ve ever had, and while adding cinnamon to cream cheese frosting isn’t new to me, Lori’s secret addition really takes it to a whole new level of deliciousness.

This week, I decided to celebrate Lori’s cookbook release with another one of her tantalizing recipes:  Strawberry Avocado Salsa

Strawberry Avocado Salsa


I’m a huge fan of salsa, but as a bred in the bone, jalapeno loving, 7th generation Texan… the fruity salsa thing is something I’m a smidge hesitant about.  I’ve had some great dishes that were a combination of  sweet and spicy (hello honey chipotle ANYTHING), but I like my salsa hot, and I like my fruit sweet, and the pairing of the two isn’t typically top of my list.


Seeing as I had some fresh California Avocados in my fridge, some juicy ripe strawberries, and I wanted to celebrate Lori’s Cookbook release with a recipe and a giveaway — this recipe practically jumped off the page at me.  It’s as if the contents of my kitchen were in cahoots with Lori’s cookbook.

So, after sitting in the yard with the neighbors watching the kids build cities out of moving boxes and markers,  marveling at the imaginations and endless possibilities that come with childhood and gorgeous spring afternoons… I jumped into the kitchen and set about dicing jalapenos, strawberries, avocados and onions to make Lori’s Strawberry Avocado Salsa.

Recipe Girl's Avocado Salsa

If you’ve never tried a fruit salsa, this is a great one to start with.  The flavors are subtle, delicious, gentle and palate pleasing.  You could easily up the zing with more jalapeno, or the tang with more lime juice…. or leave it just like it is, because it’s pretty dang delicious.

Just ask my neighbor Laura. 🙂

Seriously, y’all – it’s delish.  It’s surprising and wonderful and perfect for spring, or summer, or perhaps as inspiration for a Cinco de Mayo California Avocado Recipe Fiesta….  #justsaying




I know it’s Monday and y’all are expecting a recipe, but you’re not getting this one 🙂

I’ve already given y’all one of the recipes from Lori’s new cookbook, you don’t get another one 🙂

If you want this recipe, you’re going to have to buy the book.  {I’m so nice I’ll even give you an Amazon link!}}    >>>> The Recipe Girl Cookbook


You could be the lucky winner of the one that I’m giving away!

I’ve spent the last week or so going through the cookbook – I’ve drooled, I’ve been inspired, and I’ve decided that everyone should have this cookbook in their collection.


So.. here’s the deal.

I’m going to buy one for one of y’all.

Yes. You read that right.

I’m going to buy one of you beautiful people, Lori’s new cookbook.


I’m not even going to make y’all jump through hoops for it!

Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget, follow the instructions, and voila!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. This Strawberry Avocado salsa looks so delicious! Fingers crossed to win Recipe Girl’s Cookbook!

    My favorite go to & easy appetizer are scoops chips that are filled with a cream cheese, corn, cilantro and shredded Colby jack cheese mixture that are baked in the oven! They are so easy & just pop able!

  2. Oh WOW! Never thought of combining strawberries and avocado before but it looks delicious. Can’t wait to try it!

  3. I wouldn’t have thought to use strawberries and avocado together, both of which I LOVE! This looks so delicious my mouth is watering.

  4. Love strawberries and have a new love for avacado…. so this recipe sounds YUM-YUM. I’m going to check out the other recipe 🙂 you have graciously given us. Congratulations to Lori!Thanks for a chance to win! Janita

  5. My most requested appetizer is my stuffed mushrooms… so I guess that is my go to recipe for appetizers. For a sweet and spicy combo I like Hot Pepper Raspberry jelly with cream cheese on crackers, but haven’t really served it as an appetizer…. just use it as a snack! Thanks for a chance to win Lori’s great collection. janita

  6. My families favorite is chili cheese dip….cream cheese, canned chili with no beans and cheddar cheese…..microwaved and oh so good!

  7. Sweet and spicy nuts….combination of spices and than drizzled with brown sugar and butter and toasted in a fry pan

  8. My quick and easy appetizer is a taco dip. All the flavors put together is wonder and it is easy to make and bring along with me.

  9. A sweet and spicy combo that I enjoy wold be a peach salsa. When you first bite it you can really taste the peach flavor and then after you have eaten it the spicy starts to kick it. It is absolutely amazing. I really need to try the strawberry avocado recipe!!

  10. My favorite sweet and spicy combination is a mexican style chocolate shake that I make. I take chocolate ice cream and milk (obviously) but I add cinnamon and a dash of cayenne and ground chipotle. It’s a winner every time!!

  11. Strawberries and avocados are two of my favorites AND being a Texan who absolutely adores salsa… I. Must. Know. This. Recipe. I’m pretty sure that my family would love to be my test subjects when I attempt each recipe.

  12. My favorite appetizer is Bacon wrapped Shrimp/Scallops. This dish is Heaven, and can be made spicy by the dipping sauces 🙂

  13. I usually make homemade guacamole or grab a log of chèvre cheese and add toasted pecans, a splash of amaretto and a bag of dried apricots

  14. My favorite sweet and spicy combo would be heb’s habanero pineapple sauce. Use it on cheese and meats!

  15. Would love to have the cookbook – I always struggle with appitizers so usually go with the simple cheese and crackers or my homemade pimento cheese that is always a hit.

  16. you make it in the crockpot. It’s a can of chili no beans, one big block velvetta and 1 pond browned ground turkey or hamburger. cook on high until melted, stirring every 20 minutes or so. turn on low . we serve ours right out of the crock pot with chips or fritos

  17. I don’t really have a favorite sweet and spicy unless it would be red hots with salted redskin peanuts mixed together.

  18. I love that this salsa has strawberries. I have only ever heard of mango salsa! This is a must try for sure! Yummy!

  19. Chips and salsa are my favorite — and this strawberry & avocado one looks great! Would be a new twist to try for me for sure, I think the salsa should be spicy/hot & the fruit should be sweet, too!

  20. My favorite quick and easy appetizer is prepared polenta cut into rounds, grilled and topped with a dab of pepper jelly, chevre and crumbled bacon.

  21. One of my favorite sweet and spicy combos is strawberry balsamic siracha sauce, used with as the sauce on an appetizer pizza or just used as a dipping sauce with flatbread.

  22. Salsa and chips are a super easy appetizer. I can my own salsa, so that work’s done months in advance, sometimes.

  23. My favorite is a recipe for baked brie bites that involves small pastry cups, brie, brown sugar, and honey. YUM!

  24. My favorite sweet and spicy is Moroccan Chicken with apricots, prunes and some other fruits and delicious spices!

  25. I don’t like to serve too much food before a meal (which is where I put most of the effort, after all), but I do like to put out a few different kinds of seasoned nuts. Easy to make, and easy to do different batches with different flavors.

  26. Would it be redundant if I answered the “sweet and spicy” question with an answer similar to my “favorite appetizer” answer? I love sweet and spicy nuts! Coated with egg white, then with a mixture of sugar, cayenne (just a pinch!), and ground ginger. Bake for a few minutes, and yum. Sweet and spicy, nutty, yummy goodness.

  27. Sweet and Spicy Scrambled Eggs (it uses brown sugar, Sricha, soy and red pepper flakes)
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  28. I would love the chance to win the cookboom and am definitely going to yry this avocado-strawberry salsa. It looks heavenly.

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