Sweet and Spicy Smoked Ribs: Dibs on My Ribs

There’s just nothing that says summer like a slab of ribs dripping with sauce and filled with smoky goodness

This past weekend we had some friends over for an afternoon of swimming, relaxing and good food.

I decided that was the perfect time to bust out my Dibs on My Ribs grillin’ kit


Instead of spending time creating my own rub or marinating the ribs, I used some yummy McCormick’s Grill Mates Sweet and Smoky Rub, Kraft’s Spicy Honey BBQ Sauce, a rack of Tyson’s Spareribs and a pecan woodchip smoking tin and got to rubbin’, soakin’ and smokin’


Nathan removed the casing from the ribs so the rub would fully penetrate the meat, he rubbed the rack of ribs all over with the sweet & smoky rub and let it sit while the wood chips soaked.

In my Dibs on my Ribs grillin’ kit, I got the coolest Rib Cooking Rack, so we decided to slow S-L-O-W smoke the ribs instead of grilling them…


In case you’re curious — we made the right choice.  It took a couple hours to cook the ribs, but oh my holy tonguegasmic deliciousness y’all…


I will probably from here on out, take the time to find the wood chip kits/packets and turn my gas grill into a smoker because slow smoking these ribs made them hands down THE BEST RIBS I HAVE EVER EATEN.


After we removed them from the grill, I slathered them with Kraft’s Spicy Honey Barbecue sauce


You know how I know these ribs were beyond tonguegasmically delicious, flavor packed, amazing and holy hell y’all wonderful???

The faces smeared with bbq sauce, the silence at the table and the complete and utter lack of pictures after that last one.

Nathan declared these ribs the best EVER and asked me repeatedly why we don’t make ribs more often.

Oh honey, we’re going to be making them more often now that we’ve figured out how to do them right.

Do you want a chance to do ribs right and have people calling ‘Dibs on my Ribs’ at your next get together?

I have a $20 Walmart giftcard for one of y’all to go buy your own Tyson SpareRibs and some other yummies to make your best ribs yet.

Want to win it?   Each entry must be left in a separate comment and must have a valid email address attached to it.

Entry One: MANDATORY – What’s your favorite way to prepare ribs?  Grilled, Smoked, Barbecued?? Do you have a secret family recipe or have you never tried making ribs before and simply can’t wait?

BONUS:  What’s your preferred rib flavor?  Smoky? Sweet? Spicy? Sticky? Dry Rub?  Slathered in Sauce?  Dipped in Sauce??

BONUS:  Tweet this giveaway and share your tweet URL in the comments

This giveaway open to U.S. Residents only from July 9, 2012 to July 13, 2012 at 11:59 PM CST. 

In addition to my tasty little giveaway…

You can enter the Dibs on my Ribs Pork Recipe Cookoff for a chance to win free groceries for a year, the opportunity to attend the Memphis in May BBQ event and more….



This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Dibs on my Ribs contest and while I received products and compensation, my opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. I like grilled ribs. My dad has his secret recipe by add a bit of fermented glutinous rice to marinate overnight with other condiments.

  2. Wow, these ribs look insanely finger licking good! I only tried BBQ ribs on my gas grill. There’s a small built-in smoker that I haven’t try yet. And I need to get some wood chips for that. Can’t wait to try out my smoker!

  3. I braise mine in a proprietary seasonings and then finishe them on the grill over Mesquite! Excuse me while I drool on myself! 😉

  4. My dad used to slow cook ribs and thy were ultra fantastic. I loved them smoked, BBQ or almost any way

  5. Your ribs look delish! Don’t laugh but if I make the ribs my family and I prefer them in the crockpot. I have a fun and easy recipe! It is a well requested recipe!

  6. I like to grill ribs for a little bit and finish cooking them in the oven. Thanks for the giveaway!
    miyax15 at yahoo dot com

  7. My favorite rib flavor is smokey. With sauce on the side. Thanks!
    miyax15 at yahoo dot com

  8. My favorite way to prepare ribs is by grilling them. I make my own bbq sauce for them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. bonus- I like them sweet and use a dry rub and later smother in bbq sauce
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  10. We are seriously making ribs right now and I am suddenly 10x hungrier! So, so glad I got to meet you. I’ll be back often as it is my goal to comment and show more love to my fellow blogging friends. Mwah! You’re wonderful!

  11. I like to make steak and I want your sauce. It is so yummy and delicious steak. I want to eat this one now. How I wish I can make it now.

  12. I like your sweet and spicy smoked ribs. I think this is perfect viand for my family this evening so I will create this one. For sure they will like my recipe.

  13. i like mine boiled in apple cider then slathered in barbecue sauce and finished off on the charcoal grill. nom nom nom.

  14. Sweet and spicy ribs are so yummy. I love your recipe. You really make me hungry now and I think I must need to eat this one.

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