Texans Wear Boots to Weddings Y’all: Weekly Winners

The Fire Starter

A Rose By Any Other Name

True Love is a Friendship Set on Fire

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

You May Now Kiss The Bride


3 Generations

Weekly Winners is the brainchild of the darling and super talented Lotus of Sarcastic Mom fame (infamy?)

oh and you *know* I can’t  forget this


And don’t forget that tomorrow is Mouthwatering Monday so heat up your favorite recipes, put on your drool bib and get your linky love on.

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  1. Oh, honey, 3 Generations is such a great shot! It needs to be framed!!

    I love your shots this week. So much variety, you famous blogger you!

    Can’t wait to hug you!

  2. You are so TALENTED. Cooking, writing, photography. Geesh . . . .

    Proud to know you 🙂

    Before you were famous . . . .

    I love your little fire starter, btw.

    LaskiGal’s latest brilianceHer Hands

  3. I’ve never heard of Mouthwatering Monday before. I think I’m going to participate from now on. Of course, I tried to do Wordless Wednesday for a while and I think I managed to remember twice. Maybe this will be better.

    mamaholler’s latest brilianceHigh School- 14 Years Post Mortem

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