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Thanksgiving in Pictures


The ability to share our weekly photographic love is bestowed upon us by the darlingness that is Lotus. The one and only Sarcastic Mom.

Real Men

If only he were this excited about potty training

Perfect Timing

Scary Mommy, that’s a Chess Pie 🙂

Timeless Beauty

Hello Lovah!

Dear Chipotle, Please quit torturing me and come to Corpus.

Monkey’s Face Wrestles Driveway and loses


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  1. I wish potty training was that easy, too!

    Good for you for taking pictures of the men at work!

    And, poor monkey losing. I hope he wins next time!

  2. psst If you figure out how to get the bike in the bathroom for potty training success…let me know. I’m all for it =)

    I love Monkey diving in. That is perfect!

  3. LMAO!!! That’s pretty much how I attack pie, too 😉 He’s adorable.

    I’m swearing off junk tomorrow, not sure how I am going to resist that when I finally make it. Yum!!!

  4. He is too cute! He looks very SERIOUS about that motorcycle my friend. 😉

    p.s. how did you get your husband to do dishes? Wait…I know what I could use as bait. Ha!

  5. Lovely pictures this week!! It almost feels I was right there with you! That last picture is so adorable, it makes me want to kiss his nose and hug him!

  6. Ya know….

    We have Chipotle here. And there is one about 5 minutes from my house. And I love having visitors.

    I’m jus’ sayin’….

  7. I am laughing, because Knute eats just like Monkey. He hates dirty hands! I’m sorry he got such a nasty boo boo.

  8. Awww…I love the pumpkin pie shot 🙂 We too had a face first incident on Turkey day. I was trying to take a picture of two babies sitting on a log and my baby fell off into some other logs in the wood pile. She got all scraped up…just in time for Christmas pictures!

  9. Poor Monkey!

    The one on the motorcycle though is amazing – he knows exactly what to do apparently!

  10. Poor lil guy! I love the pie picture–why is it he looks so cute but when I do that everyone glares? 😉

  11. Such great pics!

    Your blog is so cute… I think you have a new stalker on your hands! 😉

    (that would be me, btw)

  12. Dear Chipotle,
    Please ignore Rachel’s request and close all stores between her home and the one near my house. HA!

    That’s actually a chess pie. Sadly, I’m the only one in the family that likes pumpkin pie. I keep forgetting about this, which is why there was no pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving this year.

    Also, it just struck me that Dad, Nate, and I always seem to take the exact same jobs after big meals year after year. Interesting…

  13. Those are some awesome photos and your titles are just perfect. I love “timeless beauty” and “perfect timing.”

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