The Beauty of Different

Last year on the plane home from BlogHer, I sat down next to this tall, composed, stunning woman.
We began that plane chatter that you do and realized that we had both been at BlogHer.

We started really talking.

We bonded.  We laughed, we shared wine, we shared stories of our families, our children, our husbands and our passion for this thing we do.

This woman shared with me the proof (mock-up?) of a book she had written/was writing.

It moved me to tears. It inspired me and honest to God, touched my soul.

In the months since I have been so lucky to run into her several other places and to keep up with her online.  She is quite sincerely one of the most beautiful, inspiring, amazing people that I’ve ever had the joy of knowing.

Her photography inspires me, Her words move me, her laughter brings me joy.

This woman, is Karen aka Chookooloonks.
To be around Karen is a gift.

Karen’s Book, The Beauty of Different is now available for pre-order. Every. single. person should read this book. It is powerful.

Karen made a short video introducing it and I hope you’ll watch it and then I hope that you’ll pre-order a copy for yourself and for someone you love. Someone who deserves to hear and see Karen’s message.

Karen, I am so immensely proud of you.

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