The great debate of ’08 is in your hands

This has nothing to do with politics, at least not Presidential Politics. Blog Politics… a bit.

She is one of my blogging idols. I adore her and think she is rather bright and witty. She has started posting blogging tips which were requested by so many of her stalkers readers. In this morning’s class she mentioned a few things: paragraphs (they are your friend), writing honestly and names. She mentioned that you and your kids are easier to relate to if they have ‘real’ names versus cutesy ones like… Monkey and Princess.

I have been giving a great deal of thought to Project Name. Do I use their real names? Do I give them pseudonyms? Do I use initials like she does? What to do… What to do.

The great Jennifer let me in on a little secret of hers: her kids’ names, Carson and Ella, are not their real names, but names that were in the consideration before they were born.

So… I’m asking y’all to give me some input.

Should my kids have ‘real’ names?

Let the Great Debate of ’08 begin.


A few names we threw around for her: Emily, Grace, Hannah, Emma
Feel free to throw in suggestions.


Cole, Caden, Reese

Help a mother out y’all! Please.

Oh, and on another blog topic. The fabulous Courtney is going to help me spruce up my blog again soon and I’m curious. Do you like the side columns all on the right when you read, one on either side of the main page, or on the left.
Curious blogger wants to know.


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  1. For me personally, I use my kids’ real names because I could simply never remember to use pseudonyms for them lol

    I think it’s completely a personal choice. As I mentioned on Jen’s blog, though, I think using “real” names instead of “play” names helps your readers keep track of which kid is which 🙂

  2. I think pseudonyms are the way to go, especially if you’re worried at all about anonymity.

    I love ALL the possibilities for your kids’ names…especially Grace and Caden! But any of those names would be perfect!

  3. Considering I had a student this year whose real name is Princess, I say stick with what you have.

    Punk works pretty well for P-Dub! And Country Girl does alright with Twerp.

  4. I use pseudonyms on my blog. Its a personal choice, but what would your name of your blog be without them?

    It reads great just the way it is.

  5. Don’t change the names, they are your characters now!

    I would not want to use kids real names…and I think it would be more difficult to call them by a “real name” that wasn’t really their name.

  6. I like it the way it is. It’s a personal choice. And, thanks for all the help last night.

  7. I use my kids real names- but it was mostly because I didn’t know any better. Then when I realized that it could be an issue of privacy or crazy people knowing my family (geez I am so naive sometimes!) I figured the same thing could happen at the grocery store, etc and just left it as is. But I also think it is too cute that you use Princess and Monkey to talk about your kids. I think that acts as a name. you don’t just say my son or my daughter – you use a cute little nickname for them – one that in my head I imagine you calling them around your house, etc and so it is real to me and I do connect with it because of that.

    As for the template- I like the side columns all on the right. I wanted to do that on my blog, but since I did it myself- I couldn’t figure out the code to make both columns go to the right. I teach myself and it is quite a process! 😉

  8. My blog started as a way to keep out of town friends and family updated on their lives, because sending out a million emails was getting really OLD and there was all this effort in writing and adding pictures and nothing was really leftover for ME (you can’t keep sent emails forever…), so I entered the blogging world, so my efforts were there for ME to enjoy, and eventually, my KIDS to enjoy. I used their real names because friends and family would be confused otherwise! I have been tempted on occasion to go back and change them, but that’s a LOT of posts to go back and change, and people would slip up and use the real ones in comments anyway, so I leave it alone. I just make darn sure to never use our last name, or any real specifics about where we live, and reiterate with my children about never talking to strangers etc.

    I think the pseudonyms work just fine for people who use them. I read several blogs where they are used and I don’t feel like I have any less ability to relate or keep track of who is who. The same as you have read my blog and would know which of my three kids was Emily if I wrote a story about her, I come on your blog and know that princess is NOT your son! I think if you like how you’ve done it, leave it alone. I will admit to a touch of curiosity about their real names, though. Not for any “I’m gonna come hunt them down” reason or anything, I just like to hear what names other people give their kids!

  9. it’s all a personal choice really. i have a hard time tracking my kids’ names in real life anyway so i’d rather not use a pseudonyms.

  10. I’m going through the same thing right now. Total blog overhaul, new names for the kiddos. Oh, and if you have a good name for my bossy 3 year old let me know….

    and the side column does not bother me…

  11. I think reading a new blog is difficult with the cutesy names. But once you get to “know” someone, the names just seem to fit.

    I vote for keeping Monkey and Princess.

  12. Honestly, I’m okay with pseudonyms. I’ve gotten used to your kids going by such names and the same goes for other blogs as well. But – it’s cool to use real names too – it’s up to you. I associate Monkey and Princess with your site – so appropriate. I don’t think pseudonyms distract – it has never distracted me on anyone’s site – maybe I’m alone in this thought.

    Have a good day, Rachel – see you – Kellan

    PS – I hope you mom is doing well.

  13. I like Monkey and Princess, especially since those nicknames are ones that I use for my girls…but if you want to use real names…I like Grace and Caden.

    My kids, family, and friends love all of their names…

  14. I use my kids real names for the very obvious reason that I’d forget anything else I called them.

    If you memory is better than mine then go for it!

  15. I’m a bit of a privacy fanatic. I had a cyber-stalker when my trips were babies. I have another blog that uses real names and more specific information…it’s private (password protected) now. It used to be my only blog. Some freak got TOOO interested in having pictures of my kids. She even emailed me pictures of her desk…full of printed out and framed pics of my trio. She got angry and sent nasty emails when I password-protected the blog. Scary. Anywho, I LOVE “Monkey” and “Princess.” My readers do not seem to be at all hindered by my kids’ pseudonyms. And even if they were, I’d still choose the security of my family over their ability to more closely relate. Just my opinion.

    As for column format, I prefer what you (and I) have…both side columns on one side.

    Can’t wait to see the new design!

  16. I think Monkey and Princess are really cute. It gives people such as me, who don’t know them, an idea of their personality. Of, course, I use cutesy nicknames for my kids, because I’m paranoid. I use my real name, but not my last name.

  17. This is really an interesting question. I use real names because the main purpose of my blog is to be my record of our daily lives and keep family updated.

    Personally, I like Monkey and Princess. Not too cutesy, related to your blog name and easy to tell who is who.

    I do like the idea of using other names you considered for them, since it gives the names some meaning. Or I guess you could always use their real names and say they are fake.

  18. I’m sure it is easier for readers to have a “real” name to connect with your child, but if you have already come up with “cutesy” names for your kids, stick with them! (I love your names, by the way….) 🙂
    If you had like 6 kids, it would be harder with fake names too. Your blog and its names are not confusing at all–stick with em!

  19. Since you’re asking for opinions (and you know I always have one!), then I think Hannah and Reese suit your kids. Probably because I don’t know their real names. They’re darling by the way. And, I do like the sidebars that frame the posting section but maybe that’s just because how I do it. I think your layout’s great how it is anyway.

  20. I use real names on my personal blog but my daughter asked me to use a pseudonym for my grandson on my professional blog, which uses my real name. As others have said, it’s a matter of personal preference. I think you should stick with Monkey and Princess, since it ties in with your blog title. Don’t tamper with perfection!

  21. I use real names for my kids, but that just makes it easier for me…I have so many it is hard to keep track of (haha).

    And NORMALLY I would totally agree with the expert on this that I prefer to read a blog that uses NAMES because it does seem more personal but here is the big BUT…

    YOU have the name Monkey and Princess in your blog title. So that kinda makes you different. We are already introduced to them (in the title) and the fact that you have one girl and one boy and it is easy to keep that straight with the Monkey and the Princess titles….I would keep it that way. I think it is cute and is still personal. Now if you had three girls and were labeling them Princess 1,2, and 3…that would be wrong!

    See how I always have an opinion? hahaha

    Hey I think I may be driving down close to you today…I will wave as I pass through.

  22. Well, I am partial to Emily, but that is a given 🙂

    I use my kids’ real names, but if you are worried, then a pseudonym is the way to go!

  23. Grace – because my daughters newest friend’s name is Grace, and it would allow me to pretend that our girls who seem so simular would make great little friends if you lived on my street (2 houses for sale, BTW)

    Caden – It just fits.

  24. I have SO many nick names for my kids already, I have to remember to always use the same ones on my blog so I don’t confuse my readers!
    (all 15 of them)…My family knows the real names, but none of them ever comment! I will probably slip someday, but for now, it’s pseudonyms. Blessings, EJT
    Oh, and it’s all silly for me because I use my first name on the blog and I used my regular e-mail when I first signed up on blogger…so If anyone really wanted to find me, it would be a snap…OOOPS!

  25. Well you know I use pseudonyms for my boys, but they’re names that fit them. Besides, we’ve called Bug “Bug” for so long now, its a pretty readily accepted nickname in our house!

    I’m big on the security issue. Too many weird searches send people to my blog for me to want them to know who my kids really are. That’s why I don’t post pictures of them, either. Besides, it challenges me to paint better word pictures in my posts.

  26. I’m a little late, but I like Monkey and Princess (of course, I have a Monkey of my own.)

    I’ve been debating the same thing ever since I saw Jennifer’s post. We gave our kids animal names a few yesrs ago – before I started this blog, and frequently call them by those names at home. I suppose I COULD go through and change them all, but those names ARE who they are. Each of them received their animal for a trait that they have (except Mater, but he’s still becoming himself at his age…)

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