The Secret Engine parts 1 & 2


The Secret Engine: Volume 1
(April, 2007)

Secret Agent Princess

The 3 year old Princess, came creeping into the living room the other night.

Garbed from neck to toe in a full length black bodysuit ( a gift from a friend’s daughter) she was for lack of a better term *prowling*.
She looks at me and says;  “Mom, who am I?”
Me, “I don’t know”
Her, ” I’m a secret engine”
I about fell off the couch, 7 month old latched on and all…..
Me “Do you mean you’re a secret agent?”
Her, exasperation dripping from every syllable “Yes mom, a secret engine”  and off she went, furtively creeping through my living room looking at me with barely veiled disdain.
Y’all, I swear that I heard the theme music to  Pink Panther music as she crept out of the room.
I am laughing my butt off as I remember this.
Thank you God for this miracle that has such an imagination and such a way with creative mis-pronunciation.

The Return of The Secret Engine
(June, 2007)

She’s back… my own personal secret engine, and now, she has a name – Sasha.
Yes, clad all in black from head to toe,  my 3 year old daughter comes creeping in “secret agent style” and says to me… “You must call me by my secret engine name, Sasha”
*pink panther music running through my head*
She tiptoes through the living room around the ottoman and POUNCES on the baby… “AH HAH.. Sasha has found the intruder

She grabs him in her arms and wrestles him to the ground… she then plucks her hairbrush off the floor and proclaims POOF.. you are now Boris, my secret engine baby”

She looks at me with a huge grin… mischieviousness glinting in her big blue eyes and says “mommy, Can Boris and me use your room for our secret engine hideout”

I’m totally game, so I get up… carry *Boris* into my room where what do my wondering eyes see….  the floor of my closet has been turned into a secret hideout… complete with pink princess pillows and blankets and my reading light as her *clue finder*.  So.. the secret engine is back and Sasha and Boris are on the case and will save the world.  My shoes… well, they may not be salvageable… but these are the costs of childhood – and I am more than happy to pay the price.

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  1. That is SO hilarious! My 5-year-old comes up with doozies constantly. Her latest one is “tomato” for “tornado.”

    God love ’em. They are so stinkin’ cute at this age it is difficult to stay mad at them for very long!

    What a cutie!

  2. How does she get into that body suit? I assume she does it by herself.
    Here is my new dress-up clothes wish list:
    princess dress
    black body suit

    Love it!

  3. Don’t moments like that make the dried cereal on the dining table and the lake that was once your bathroom floor, seem not so bad… maybe that’s a stretch. But you know what I mean.
    what a cutie!

  4. My 3 year old goes on “see-crit misssuns” I love your use of the pink panther music. That’s great!

  5. How adorbale! Sasha, huh! When she gets a little older she will like the boxed sets of the Alias show I bet! Sydney rocked!

  6. Oh my gosh this is so cute! Must go subscribe to your blog now so I can keep up on the tales of Secret Engine Sasha.

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