The Squat and Wiggle, Or life skills 101 at the park.

I just got back from meeting some friends at a park and letting the kids play.

It was almost Goose Gate ’08 part II! But luckily, it wasn’t.  I digress.
Princess and C’s daughter both needed to ‘tee tee’. The bathrooms there are direct portals to hell abysmal not much better than a hole in the ground. So, C takes the girls to the front of her Suburban where nobody can see them and tells them to squat.
Princess pulls down her shorts and panties and sees C looking. “You’re looking at me” and she goes around the side of the suburban. Repeat this about 3 times.
Finally C just lets her go by herself. When she goes to check on her Princess is sitting spread legged on the ground relieving herself. Through hysterical giggles C manages to rescue the shorts and underwear from the path of the river delicate lady like trickle. Princess then looks at her and says: “What do I wipe with”
C, being the awesome South Texas chick that she is imparts these words of wisdom to my precocious 4 year old: “Just stand up and give a little wiggle” You must picture here a 20 something adorable little blonde facing down an adorable 4 year old blonde, who just happens to be nude from the waist down. C shows Princess how to wiggle it. In utter disbelief Princess replies: “Just wiggle… like this? Really?”

This of course is the point where I turn around and see my partially nude daughter mooning all of us on the playground while shaking her adorable little butt in ways that I could have lived the rest of my life without seeing.
She has learned a valuable life lesson that all women should know. The squat and wiggle (of course, the squat part needs a little work)

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  1. That is so cute. I can just picture that.
    We use to have a house with property and I would let my son(he was 3 or 4) pee outside against a tree. Then one day I turn around and see my 2 year old daughter trying to pee up against a tree. I told her she could not do that and she said,”Cody does.” It was so cute. She needed the squat and wiggle lesson.

  2. The squatting part is the hardest… I still haven’t quite got in down.

    The wiggle, however, is gold. 🙂

    (Too cute!!!!)

  3. and now L is wondering why her and her Princess didnt get invited on this little outing. because if i was there and i needed to tinkle, i would have dropped my pants towards the back back of that BIG RED suburban and done a little wiggle and shake too 🙂
    i think that my feelings are a bit hurt….THANKS C and R for inviting L

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