There Was a Bunny, Some Crabs and a Chicken: Weekly Winners

Did We or Didn’t We?

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail


Weekly Winners is the inspirational and visually stunning meme that can be found housed at the equally stunning and inspirational Lotus’ blog, Sarcastic Mom.  Hop over there and visit people who actually picked up their cameras this week.

^Remember Mouthwatering Mondays Tomorrow!! Dust off your casserole dish, bbq pit or favorite skillet and bring on your favorite recipe!

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  1. The bunny shot is so sweet! Great photos this week!

    perpstu’s latest brilianceWeekly Winners – It’s T-Ball Season!

  2. Someday…let’s make one of our kitchens and utter disaster, while making something so super delicious. Ok? Love you, doll!

    Secret Agent Mama’s latest brilianceWeekly Winners LXXII

  3. My kids are petrified of the Easter Bunny..You got such a great shot..lucky!!

    And that chicken.. OMG.. that looks amazing!!

    PS.. i have no idea how come the email is not working.. need to get on that tomorrow.. thanks for the heads up!!


    Kim’s latest brilianceWeekly Winners – 2nd edition

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