This Week in Happiness {Week 32}

This week, the past two weeks, really, have brought such incredibly joy and happiness to our family.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of new recipes and posts, and there is a really, really, really good reason for that.  The best reason, really.

We’ve been busy giving back.

We’ve gotten to watch Nathan do something he’s incredibly passionate about – doing for others, working to make someone’s life better.   I can’t say more than that, but I can say that the entire family was involved, and this project blessed us as much as, if not more than the recipients.

Those mud caked Converse of Monkey’s represent hours of work, a heart filled with joy, and a boy following in his Daddy’s footsteps.   He and Princess both dove into this project with passion, determination, love,  and joy; just like their Dad.  I am so incredibly proud of their servant’s hearts, their passion for doing for others, and their confident, kind personalities.  We are trying our best to leave this world a better place for our kids, with our kids, and because of our kids.

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World – Mahatma Ghandi 

American Flag Converse

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