Under Her Umbrella

Princess dancing under her umbrella

She’s learning early
to protect her precious skin
from the sun’s harsh rays

The South Texas sun
harsh, bright, brilliant, friend and foe
It’s warmth is tempting






May is skin cancer awareness month. Teach your children now about the damage the sun can do. Knowledge is power, arm them well.
Check yourself, get tested, know your type and risk level.


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  1. type I with the recent scars to show for it! and the sad thing is that as a teen i wore all those sunburns like a badge of honor! great haiku and good reminder.

  2. What a beautiful picture!! I can’t over how big she is getting and I have only been reading your blog for about eight months.. amazing..

  3. Lovely photo! Lovely girl!

    Can you imagine that our children may never have sunburns? Isn’t that baffling? And wonderful, too!

  4. Is sunscreen enough? I know that’s sounds really stupid of me, but being a person of color, skin cancer/tanning/sun exposure wasn’t a big thing.

    But my girls are very light, and my oldest burns before she tans, even with SPF40. I wonder if I’m doing enough. I love the brown skin they get in the summer time. 🙂

  5. Immoral M: Go to the ‘type’ link and it will lead you to a really great information page.
    Any burn is skin damage and increases cancer risks.
    I usually go with Neutrogena/Aveeno or Banana Boat with UVA and UVB protection. For face I use a 35 daily. And when we’re out for extended periods I use a 75 on all of us. You can never be too careful!!

    Thanks for all the great comments y’all.
    Ohmommy: bring it on honey! It’s supposed to be about 88 today.
    Kimmylyn: You’ve been with me since November when I started blogging:-) Thank you honey!!!

  6. Great pic! Good for you for protecting her from the sun. I am so fair skinned and I used to spend whole summers being sunburned as a kid. I’m glad people are being more aware of skin cancer issues now than they were when we were young!

  7. A great picture and a great haiku! I have to say I DO NOT love my pasty white skin but I know it’s worth it : ) Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Forunately, all of us in my family have low risk, BUT… I still preach this to the kids as the suns rays keeps getting stronger. Also.. we live a mile closer to the sun where we live in Colorado!

    Darrin a.k.a. Makeshift Sinatra – Gettin’ in some early bloghopping

  9. Beautiful subject, beautiful shot. You’re so right, Rachel, about arming them well.

    No need for umbrellas or sunscreen here – three mornings with ice here in Melbourne.

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Verse And Worse segments every day!!

  10. Great reminder! I have four kids and three turn into little brown berries and the fourth has red hair and light, light skin. It is easier to remember to put the sunscreen on her, but I realize they all need it!

    Thanks for posting on my site!

    Adorable picture!

  11. That is a gorgeous picture. And a great message!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. It’s great!

  12. Lovely picture – and yeah for skin cancer awareness! Both my mom and grandma have had spots removed and I live in fear.

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