This Week in Happiness {Week 2}

Happy Sunday, y’all!

” Celebrate what you want to see more of ”

~ Tom Peters


I love focusing on the happy and finding the beauty in life.  I know that I mentioned it last week, but I feel that I must mention it again, Karen’s Create 2014 is making me extremely happy.   It’s helping me to rediscover my love of, and passion for journaling, as well as helping me to focus on finding the positive and celebrating life.  That quote is from Day 5 of our first week in journaling.

create 2014 journal page


This picture of my 10 year old (whom I still can’t believe is 10) and me


Winning the Christmas/Holiday/New Year Cards hands down and making me bust out laughing at my mail box with their brilliantly catchy and completely so very them Holiday Card are Jim and Shannon aka Busy Dad and Mr. Lady

busy dad and mr lady send a christmas card

I’m seriously happy dancing (and on my 3rd batch) of this light chicken poblano soup, and I simply  can’t wait to share the recipe with y’all.  I shared it with my neighbors, and one of the husband’s even ate his wife’s portion for lunch while she was at work.  I call that a major win!

chicken poblano soup

  • Gaby is a bundle of adorable, vibrant energy and we bond over our mutual love of all things Guacamole and Avocado.  I met her in person at Blog Her Food this past year and she is a whirlwind, funny, adorable and it’s rare to see her without a smile.  She had a hug and a kind word for everyone she came across.  She’s one of my favorite people that I met in 2013, and I must admit… I still get giddy when she leaves a comment here because HELLO!  She is GABY DALKIN.   If you don’t already have her Absolutely Avocados cookbook – what is wrong with you? GO GET IT NOW!  This week, she made me smile with her Domestic Partner vlog series and their yummy toast to the Golden Globes and their Blood Orange Champagne Cocktail recipe!
  •  Jeff Gutt, from The X Factor, sang such a beautiful rendition of Hallelujah that I downloaded it immediately and have been listening to it off and on all week.
  •  On a whim, or a recommendation from Amazon, I downloaded a book entitled  “The One Good Thing”  It held me enthralled.  I couldn’t get up from the chair, I stayed up until 2 in the morning to finish it.  The premise is heartbreaking and wonderful, gut wrenching and inspiring.  This is one that I will read again.

Here’s to hoping y’all each are able to find beauty and happiness in your lives.

For more happiness, check out Kristen’s weekly happiness report and Karen’s This Was A Good Week

Tell me friends, what’s making you happy this week?


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  1. I need to get back in the habit of calling out the things I’m grateful for! My work’s holiday party was this past weekend and my boyfriend and I had a great time with my work friends. The fact that I’m repeatedly reassured that I’ve found a good man is definitely reason to be happy!

    1. Glad that y’all had fun AND that you have a good man!
      It’s truly amazing what happens once you make the decision to, and put into practice calling out the good instead of focusing on the negative.


  2. you are seriously the nicest person in the whole wide world!! reading this was the most lovely way to start the week 🙂


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