This Week in Happiness {Week 20}

Go towards the sunshine via Pinterest

via pinterest

So much happiness to share with y’all.


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of the fabulously delicious website, Skinnytaste. I met Gina at Better Blog Retreat last year and was immediately enchanted with her.  She’s funny, smart, lovely, friendly, energetic, and as sweet as apple pie. 

Gina’s new cookbook has just come out, and it’s amazing.  I have it, and within the first 30 minutes, I’d already dog-eared at least 15 recipes to try.  If you don’t have a copy of it yet… go get a copy!

Skinnytaste Cookbook

This cookbook
is gorgeous to look at, incredibly useful, extremely well organized, and even has handy color coded icons denoting which recipes are freezer friendly, gluten free, vegan etc…

skinnytaste cookbook menu

seriously, get your copy today!!!!



I met Lindsay and Bjork last week at Blog Elevated in Galveston.  Lindsay and Bjork are the wonderfully engaging and talented couple behind Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro.  It’s a really neat thing when people whom you admire and learn from, turn out to be incredibly charming, friendly, down to earth, and gracious.  I had a great time chatting with them and getting to know them better.  I’ve recommended their Tasty Food Photography e-book in every photography session that I’ve led, and meeting them makes me happy that I have. 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about food photography, improve your technique, or get great behind the scenes info then you really need to get Tasty Food Photography!  It’s my go to when I have questions, want to refresh, or need inspiration.

 Tasty Food Photography eBook


I’m a little bit obsessed with blackened shrimp and I about tripped over my tongue when this recipe for Almost “sauceless” Creamy Corn Fettuccine with Blackened Shrimp from Noble Pig passed through my Pinterest Feed.  I feel the need to make this really, really soon. YUM.

Almost sauceless creamy corn fettuccine with blackened shrimp via Noble Pig
Almost sauceless creamy corn fettuccine with blackened shrimp via Noble Pig

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw these Bacon Cinnamon Rolls from How Sweet Eats.  As in my fingers stopped typing, and I just stared at the screen.  Bacon. Cinnamon Rolls.  Guess what’s happening in our house on Friday? Yep. Bacon Cinnamon Rolls.  Hello Mom of The Year!

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls via How Sweet Eats
Bacon Cinnamon Rolls via How Sweet Eats

pssst Jessica has a Seriously Delicious cookbook, too.  No really, it’s called: Seriously Delish

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that this Nutella Halloween Puppy Chow is blowing up Pinterest; but I can’t blame y’all – it’s crazy yummy, and so easy to make!

Halloween Puppy Chow


This child.  I love everything about her.  She is happiness. She is joy, beauty, laughter, stubbornness, confidence, friendship, kindness, intelligence, enthusiasm, passion.. she is everything and more.

5th grade confidence

Tell me friends, what’s bringing you happiness this week?




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