Weekly Meal Plan {Week 36}

Weekly Meal Plan – Week 36

weekly menu plan dinners, desserts, and more A Southern Fairytale

Hey y’all, how’s the meal planning going?  Are you nearing the end of the school year and the end of spring sports season and life is going bananas?  no, just me… okay, then.   I have recipes from some lots amazingly talented food bloggers, {are you a food blogger?  Would you like to be featured in the Weekly Meal Plan?  e-mail me!} These recipes, along with my own, will be woven together to create family friendly, deliciously easy, weekly meal plans to help you (and me) stay on track, and hopefully make life easier!  I’m going to be growing this weekly meal plan to include sides, leftover suggestions, and even eventually…. a printable! do you make printables? can you teach me to make printables?  email me!  Let’s talk!!!

OKAY, enough chatter – ON TO THIS WEEK’S MEAL PLAN!

This week i’m featuring a little healthy, a little sweet (okay, a few sweets) a delicious side dish, and more!

Nathan and I have been doing The Plan and in doing that we’ve been eating less meat, and more salads and veggies with lots of different flavors and textures; which leads me to the decision that we’re going to start participating in Meatless Mondays.  I absolutely love this Crunchy Apple Almond Orange Poppy Seed Salad from Cooking on The Front Burners.

Crunchy Apple Almond orange Poppy Seed Salad from Cooking on The Front BurnersTuesday

Let’s have a little fun with Taco Tuesday, y’all.  This Taco Braid from 365 Days of Baking and More is a great way to get the kids in the kitchen with you, and a unique and delicious way to celebrate Taco Tuesday!

Taco Tuesday Taco BraidWednesday

Do you like bite-size finger foods?  I have a bit of a crush on appetizer foods, and I will often serve them for dinner with a light fruit salad or plate of veggies {crudites if you’re fancy} So these scrumptious and adorable Whole Wheat Smoked Turkey Bruschetta from The Bitter Side of Sweet are definitely making an appearance on our Weekly Menu Plan!  Bite Size, light, and customizable!

Whole Wheat Smoked Turkey Bruschetta Bites from The Bitter Side of SweetThursday

Another Salad!  I’m telling y’all, we have a new love and appreciation for salads.  This is one of my favorite salads – it has so many textures and flavors.  It’s crunchy, spicy, smoky, and so good!  The black beans, the corn, the tomatoes, the Homemade Buttermilk Avocado Ranch dressing <3 it’s a restaurant style salad without the cost and the crowd! Get the recipe for my Spicy Southwest Chicken Salad with Homemade Buttermilk Avocado Ranch Dressing

spicy southwestern chicken salad with avocado ranch dressingleftovers nightSaturday

We have big love for homemade pizzas and experimenting with crusts and toppings. I don’t know that my kids would get on board with this pizza, but Nathan and I can’t wait to try Farm Fresh Feasts’ Irish Cheddar Chicken Potato Leek Pizza.

Chicken Leek Potato Irish Cheddar PIzza from Farm Fresh FeastsSunday

Sunday, Sunday.  Are Sundays lazy days, busy days, planning days?  How do y’all Sunday?  We alternate between family days, travel days, work days, and planning days since it’s one of Nathan’s days off every week.  One thing that’s fun about Sundays is it’s usually pretty easy on the menu; our fridge typically has lots of leftovers, or it’s a grilling and football watching day, so it’s a great day to experiment.  Smoothie Bowls are something that I’ve seen blowing up Pinterest and my Food Blogger Facebook groups, but I haven’t tried one yet; however, this Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Bowl from Life is But a Dish has me intrigued!  Who wouldn’t want to eat a healthier chocolate covered cherry and call it a meal! 

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Bowl from Life is But a Dish


Today is a bonus day – because I’m completely intrigued and in love with this Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf recipe from The Kitchen is My Playground.  Chicken Parmesan is one of my and Nathan’s all time favorite meals, and I am totally in awe of how she’s turned it into a meatloaf!  So fun!  Make it for Sunday, make it for the week for Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf leftover sandwiches during the week!  Come on, y’all!  HOW FUN!

Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf recipe from The Kitchen is My Playground

scrumptious side dishes weekly meal plan

Mashed Potatoes.  Can I just leave that here?  Creamy, delicious, Homestyle Mashed Potatoes, whether they’re a side dish – or topping a Shepherd’s Pie… Mashed Potatoes with lots of garlic are one of my weaknesses.  i love this Homestyle Mashed Potato Recipe from Jennifer Cooks 

homestyle mashed potatoes from jennifer cookssweet treat

Bananas Foster Upside Down Cupcakes.  I’m just going to leave this recipe from Flavor Mosaic without comment, because the name and the picture really say it all. 

Bananas Foster Upside Down Cupcakes! 

Bananas Foster Upside Down Cupcakes

What are your meal planning struggles?  What can I do to help you get through the week?  What kinds of meals do you want to see on A Southern Fairytale, and in these weekly meal plan posts?

Share your struggles, comments, wins, loves, needs, and favorite recipes in the comments!  If you’re a food blogger and you’d like to have your recipes considered for the Weekly Meal Plans please e-mail me ASouthernFairytale@gmail.com


Hope you enjoy this week’s featured recipes!  Click the link to see more Weekly Meal Plans

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