Weekly Winners


December 23 – December 29

Her: I’m so cute
Him: I will figure this contraption out!

He fell asleep waiting for me to get home from the store
Thank you hubby for snapping the picture!!

Even our food had the Christmas Spirit

What do you need fixed?

Snap the picture quick Mom! He won’t sit still for long!!

natural sugar + not so natural sugar + 15 month old = sugar coma

Yes, my brother gave my husband a stocking full of beer

This one speaks for itself

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  1. OMG! Your pics are wonderful!! I love the one of your little one asleep waiting for you to come home.

    The tool belt, beer, and hair ….ROFL!


    I love the one of your bubby by the door. Poor guy wanted his Mama!

    Great pics, Rach (can I call you that? I hope so)

  3. SAM, absolutely you may call me Rach πŸ™‚

    Yep, she didn’t even flinch after the hair.. she just grinned and yelled: “mom, come look”

  4. I hope my hubby doesn’t see the stocking full of beer picture – he’ll wonder why Santa didn’t think he was good enough for that.

    OMG about the hair!

  5. The stocking full of beer could be a tradition here, too. Hmmm won’t let the hubby know that Santa is a beer man! πŸ˜‰

    p.s. Rachel, your kiddos are so cute! glad the hair/mixer thing wasn’t any more catastrophic!

  6. LMAO @ the last picture. Oh, man.

    I love them all… the asleep on the doormat one is precious… and I really dig on the Jalapeno Christmas Tree!

  7. Oh Goodness – the hair in that mixer just made me cringe – poor baby!!! I love all of your pictures – but that baby sleeping by the front door is just pricesless. See you soon. Kellan

  8. Little N and the tool belt are cracking me up!!!! And the hair??? Sigh. Poor thing… you don’t think you’ve killed her desire for baking things that need the mixer, do you?

  9. Oh how crazy!! Grapes and Candy Canes Oh My!!..and the hair in the mixer.. Now we know why they use hair nets πŸ™‚
    I love the little one sleeping by the door, that is awesome!!

  10. love the sleeping by the door.

    and the hair in the mixer….ouch! How horrible. Hope princess is okay. She’ll have bad memories of sugar cookies for the rest of her life, I am sure.

  11. Hi Rachel:

    Hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful Holiday season!

    The pics are fantastic. I enjoyed them so much. You children are just adorable!

    Happy New Year……..healthy and happy!


    ps I miss Bradley πŸ™

  12. Just found you through the awards you gave some of my regular reads, and the hair in the mixer thing is killing me!! I’m officially adding you to my regular reads!! Thanks for letting me peek in at your life a little!!

  13. Very cute photos! Ouch, on the hair thing.

    The sit and spin photo is cute…my cousin sat and spun until she threw up. Not the brightest thing to do, but fun, I guess…

  14. Hi Rachel, it’s me (WorksForMom), I just changed my profile name. I hope you and your fam had an awesome Christmas. I love all these shots but I puffy hear the toolbelt shot – PERFECT!!

  15. great pictures and so cute to boot.Love the sleeping boy … my own were so happy tonight when I got home from shop.
    OMG her poor head – how did the cookies turn out ?

  16. I have some Christmas toys that still need assembled. If you could just send Mr. Fix It over, that would be fabulous!

  17. sugar cookies with hair, sleeping by the door waiting for you, a stocking full of beer and a sugar induced coma what more could a person ask for? oh yea a tool belt! Love the photos!

    ps tag your it come and see!

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