Weekly Winners


Jan 13th to Jan 19th

Weekly Winners is the brainchild of the superbly sarcastic and darling Lotus at Sarcastic Mom

Already looking to escape

Princess, Princess K & Jewelry Queen at the Ag Barn

Peek A Boo

Howdy Pardner or Sis Boom Yee Haw

I know, another naked bum. I can’t help it

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  1. Looking to escape is funny and fun. The ag barn, I so know where you are coming from in that one.

    I also love the naked bum…how could you not?

    Wonderful photos!

  2. He just ran across the park in that one and was standing there. He just looked so far away and so desolate seems the only word.
    I loved it. I zoomed the heck out of the little camera I have and that was as close as I could get. Ahhh for my dream camera *sigh*
    Thanks y’all!
    Hi to all the first timers!!

  3. Love the cheerleading get up! I have my 8th grade cheerleading outfit for the girls. That was back when I weighed about 80 pounds soaking wet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. NOT fair..all these hiney’s today are killing me..
    I LOVE the cowgirl pic..and “trying to escape”..very nice!!

  5. Dag, yo, that’s a good naked bumm. You HAVE to take pictures of it.

    And, dude? I finally did that meme you tagged me for. SOrry it took so long…I had to really think about it.

    Because I over think memes, that’s why! ๐Ÿ™‚

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