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Touch and Taste

A kiss



My dad and my brother both found the picture of Dee and Me from his 90th birthday, January of 2005, so I’m including that in this week’s Weekly Winners because it is a winner.


Thank you so much for all of your wonderful words, your prayers and your kind messages. They really mean a lot. I have been lifted out of my funk and I am doing so much better. I plan on returning to my regular blogging this week, with possibly a bit of an interruption at the end of the week when we travel to Kentucky for the services.
Much love and blessings to all of you.

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  1. Every single one of those pictures is YUMMY!!!!

    Dee, what a handsome gentleman!

    You were a lucky lady to have him so close to you for all those years…I hope you find some comfort in his beauty….

  2. Those are some really sweet pictures! I’m so glad you got that picture of you and your grandfather.

  3. Very nice pics for the weekly winners!

    Now I need to find some pictures of my dear grandfather and post them. I miss him 🙁

  4. Great pics, I love the beach!
    I’m so sorry about your grandpa, he sounds like a wonderful man and an important part of your life!

  5. Beautiful pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE the touch/taste one! SO CUTE!

    And I see why the last one is one of your favorites. What a great picture.

  6. Again, so sorry for your loss. I’m so glad you got your hands on the picture. It’s a great shot of the two of you and to be treasured.

    Those beach shots are awesome1 We’ve really got to get down there.

  7. These photos are absolutely fantastic, and I am SO glad you found another pic of you and Dee.

    I have kept (and will continue to keep) you in my thoughts and in my heart.

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