Weekly Winners

Tickling the *ivories*

*Josh practicing before playing at Danny’s memorial service*





We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do…


Free Spirit


That’s How He Rolls

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  1. Free Spirit and How He Rolls just make me smile…great captures of life and joy.

    The brothers shot is wonderful and touching…and boy can you ever tell they’re brothers 🙂

  2. Love the picture of the brothers around your FIL’s bike. They must have been recounting some wonderful memories of him.
    Your son certainly can bust a move, obviously no fear lingering from his misadventure with the stone fireplace way back when.
    Love the hair on the kids…wonder if you’ll feel the same way when they’re teenagers and want to do that…permanently. LOL
    Have a great week Rachel.

  3. Beautiful piano work. Beautiful. And the photo of the brothers around the bike is so touching.

    Free spirit is my favorite shot of the week. Made me smile!

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