Well I Want One That Does My Laundry..

I took the kids to HEB to pick up Princess’ school supplies and while there I remembered that Nathan and I needed new toothpaste and toothbrushes. We’re standing in the toothcare aisle and I’m discussing the pros and cons of whitening versus strengthening toothpastes with a captive captivated Monkey when out of nowhere Princess comes up to me and says:

Her:“Mom, I want this toothbrush”
Me: *sigh* “Princess I just bought you a new toothbrush.”
Her: *exasperated sigh* “I know mo-om, but this one abdicates”

There were two other people on the aisle, one laughed so hard she was crying, the other looked confused.

I’m not sure what was funnier, the other mom and me cracking up, or the one confused because she didn’t get what was so funny.

So, she wants a toothbrush that abdicates well, I want one that does my laundry.

Edited to Add: Y’all get that she meant one that vibrates, right.?.

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  1. It’s still funny the second time. You’ve got a smartie farty on your hands, dearest.

  2. Well I know for a fact that toothbrush does not exist because I had the whole toothbrush buying fiasco not too long ago. Jeez, seriously I would rather eat nails than buy the kids toothbrushes!

  3. I wonder what caused the poor toothbrush to abdicate? Perhaps he fell in love with the chocolate bar in aisle 5? Forbidden love is bittersweet (or semi-sweet dark).

  4. i want one that cooks and cleans and does laundry as well.

    when you find one, send it my way, eh?

  5. I wonder what in the world she meant by that…

    If you find a toothbrush that does the laundry, let me know! I’ve got piles and piles ready! Maybe I’ll call Colgate.

  6. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I was still cracking up! At least she didn’t say flatulates…….

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