What a Wednesday

Today, this little boy, my 5 year old Monkey, is having root canals and other preventative dental work.

I could go on and on and on about how this makes me feel like I’ve failed my son in some way, like I’m less of a parent…. but I won’t.

I will ask that you pray that he deals well with the medicine that will make him sleep, that the dentist is able to get everything done in one visit and that Monkey is healed.

But most of all.

I ask for your prayers today for friends of ours.ย  A mother and daughter who both teach kinder at our school will bury their son/older brother today.

As a parent and sister, I cannot even imagine.

Please today, take time to hug your loved ones, to forgive any transgressions and to realize how precious life is.

Please today, take time out of your morning to pray for the Grimes family.

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  1. My heart goes out the the loss that the Grimes family has suffered. Prayers offered for them and for your little monkey.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your friends. It is hard to even imagine going through that.

    I hope your son does well today and that they can get done what they need to. And I hope you make it through the day fine. Sometimes those things can be almost as hard on us to watch as it is for them.

    1. Lynn, you are SO right.

      Thank you!

      They were only able to get 1/2 the work done before the sedation ran out ;( we have to finish the other 1/2 in a month (sigh)

      He did really well, though!

  3. Oh hon… I am so sorry. First of all, the teeth thing? I totally get it… teeth issues are genetic. I couldn’t figure out why my kids were taking such good care of their teeth but still coming back from the dentist with cavities, caps needed, etc. It’s because they inherited their bad teeth from me. Poor things, but it at least makes me feel better knowing it’s not because I don’t take care of them ๐Ÿ™‚

    My heart goes out to your friends. I am so sorry,

    1. UGH ;-( Sorry you’re dealing with the teeth thing, too. The dentist said he’s fairly certain that his teeth issues are due to the breathing treatments he was on for the first 2 years ;-( Hopefully his adult teeth won’t be affected.

      We were only able to get through 1/2 of the work today ;0( He’s having 5 root canals total (can you say YUCK!) so we have to go back in a month. (sigh)

      Hugs, friend.

  4. Praying for your friends. That is so very sad.

    Seriously, you are not any less of a parent because your child is having root canals! Some teeth really are just more prone to things like this than others, and there is very little you can do (despite what we are often told!) My son had a root canal not too long ago but he was a older so it wasn’t quite as scary for me. Hang in there, it will be okay. Saying a prayer for Monkey. He’s unlikely to remember it in years to come, so try not to be upset.

  5. Prayers winging their way upward. Being a momma is so tough — keep on doing such a wonderful job. Love those babies!

  6. On the bright side at least they were able to do half the dental work today. Hopefully in a month they can finish it up and he will have all this behind him before school starts. As a parent that had to bury my oldest daughter when she was 21, I can tell you that I can not imagine a greater pain. Prayers for the family now I know are needed. Later, talk about their son/brother with positive with them. So many are afraid that it will cause you pain – but the pain comes when you feel they have been forgotten.

    1. Susan,

      Thank you for this wonderful comment. I do feel blessed they were able to do 1/2 the work today (although my checkbook wishes it had all been finished ๐Ÿ™‚ today)

      I am so sorry for your loss.

      I agree – we have lost my sister in law, both my in-laws and far too many family members and you are so right, sharing the memories – not ignoring them, is a gift. Thank you for this comment.

  7. Praying for the Grimes’ family’s loss. So sad. My 5 year old went for a check up in Feb. and they took xrays and found 5 – 6 cavities in his back teeth. He’d been going every 6 months for several years but we couldn’t see it without xrays because his teeth are so tight. I cried after I found out and felt like a failure too. But then I remembered that he will be ok, I am a good mother, and God fills in the gaps. Praying for your monkey. Mine did great with his first round of fillings!

  8. Hey Rachel, so sorry to hear about the Grimes and Monkey. Praying for all of you. Hang in there.

  9. Oh dear. I went through it with some very close friends last fall when they buried their 5yr old son (and Alex’s best friend). I will keep them in my prayers.
    Of course, you little one too.. that he is brave and mom is able to nurture him and take care of him post procedures. xo

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