What Makes a Star?

For this month’s Life is A Special Occasion post, my prompt is Tell Them:  They’re a Star

I decided to face this one a bit differently than my other posts.

I posed a question to my own favorite stars:


“What makes someone a star?”

Princess said; “Being on TV, having a song on the radio, being in the movies… that makes you a star”


Monkey said: “Everybody knows your name and you get to drive around in a limo”


After I finished laughing at him…

I sat down and allowed their words to dance around in my head.

Then I posed that question to myself.

What Makes A Star?

I know what makes each of my children a bright, shining star and thanks to this prompt, they’ll know too.

Dear Princess,
YOU are a star for so many reasons:  you love with all your heart, you accept everyone with open arms, there are no strangers and if someone is different – you just see them as that much more wonderful to have in your life.

When your bright blue eyes twinkle with mischief and your laughter comes bubbling out of you, you are the embodiment of joy and happiness and life.  People are drawn to you.

You are young, yet you know exactly who you are and you are that person without apology.  You are wonderfully confident and independent.

You’re intelligent, funny, silly and strong.   You aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself, your friends, and what your heart tells you is right.

You believe there are no limits to what you can do in life… and with that belief, there never will be.

This is why you are a star.

This is why I am blessed to be your mama.

I love you.

Dear Monkey,

You are a force of nature.  You are passionate, funny, inquisitive and bright.  You seize life by the horns and the rest of us just hold on for the ride.

That heart beating inside your chest is as big as Texas and every single time you hold the door open and say; “Ladies First” my own heart melts.

I’m in awe of the way that you stand up for your friends if you see them down, or hurt or being picked on.

You are a ninja, a white knight and a southern gentleman all in one.

Your light shines so brightly through those twinkling hazel eyes and you draw people to you and they shine brighter for knowing you.
I am better for being the mama of such a bright star.


What makes you a star?  When was the last time that you told someone in your life; child, spouse, parent, friend… what makes them a star?




Thank you, Hallmark, for choosing me as one of their “Life Is A Special Occasion” bloggers and allowing my life and stories to be a part of their Life is A Special Occasion program. While I am compensated for my work with Hallmark as a Life is A Special Occasion ambassador, everything posted is original and real and from our life

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  1. This is an awesome post, and a wonderful idea. My “stars” are my amazing husband that supports me no matter what, my beautiful daughter and sons that have made my life complete by being themselves and bringing me amazing grandchildren to light up my life!

  2. Totally adore this post! And now I’m off to share some love with the stars in my life 🙂
    PS- I bet those kids think you’re a star too, huh?

  3. Yes, they are growing up so fast and beautiful. Love the thought of their being able to look back into your archives and be reminded of just how much they were, are and always will be loved by their momma.

  4. I love this! These special occasion posts always get me tears eyed. It is also funny because I just posted on the lunchbox love noted I give my kids and yesterday’s was You are a Superstar! Then I told them one reason why. Miles because he has the biggest heart. Sophia because she has a fabulous competetive spirit, but she has a heart full of love for her teammates and the opposition whether she wins or loses. I love telling them the little ways they are stars!

  5. Your girl’s freckles melt my heart. I just love them. She reminds me of a childhood friend of mine actually.

    Beautiful words for your babies. xo

  6. Holy mother of sweetness! I am tearing up over here. First of all, why did I not know you had two little kids? Secondly, how old are they? I have a 7 year old girl and a 5 year old boy {plus two more…} And lastly, you are so awesome. I bet you are the coolest mom alive. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out.

    1. Hello my friend!

      Princess is 8 3/4 (9 in Nov) and Monkey is 5 & 3/4 (6 in Sept)

      I adore you, woman. LOVED meeting you. You are so filled with attitude and grace and power and fun and life. xoxoxo

  7. you are a blessed mamma with your little stars! They are Priceless treasures.
    I’m going to ask my little granddaughter that question. She is going to be 6 on August 8. I want to tell her why I think she is a bright shining star. Perhaps that needs to be a birthday tradition. I was just in my sewing room making some stars for a quilt…… maybe she needs a pillow with a star on it to put on her bed to remind her how special she is everyday! Thanks for the post.


  8. Girl… dang it. All I had to read was “dear princess” & I was already teary!

    Your daughter sounds like a duplicate of you. Love it!

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