What the holy hell?

Conversation held 15 minutes ago in my living room.

Me: “Nathan, Princess says she has a bug in her ear

Nathan: …. giving me crazy look

Me: She said she thinks there’s something in her ear and it’s probably a bug like the neighbor guy had

Nathan: … more of a crazy disturbed look

Me: “You remember, I told you, right? When the older gentleman catty corner from us came over last month. He rang the doorbell. Told me there was a bug in his ear and asked me to pour warm oil in his ear.”

Nathan:… at this point he has set down both his drink and his King Ranch Chicken and is looking at me with pure shock
Nathan: “Rachel. What the hell are you talking about it.”

Me: with a slight blush. “You know, the neighbor. I poured warm oil? Umm…”

Nathan:“Rachel. How exactly does a man come to our house and ask you to pour hot oil in his ear and you don’t tell me?”

Me: …..

*side note. Apparently this worked. He came by a couple of days later to tell me the bug had floated out. Who’d a thunk it. Yet another good use for extra virgin olive oil.
** double side note: There is not a bug in her ear. She was just fidgety from being housebound for 4 days due to insane rain that is blessing/plaguing us and wanted attention.


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  1. “oh, and did I forget to mention the woman across the street who asked me to help her get the frog out of her throat, and the boy from down the street who had butterflies in his stomach?”

    At least I know that I’m not the only one in this family that’s the last to hear about things.

  2. OH MY LORD WUMMAN. I’m with N on this one. That’s gross. And, how the hell did he get a bug in his ear?

  3. I came here from the queen of shake shake- I like your blog- cute
    I’m markin ya as a favorite

  4. You tell me about bugs in ears before I go to bed? Lordy, woman, what are you trying to do to me?!

  5. I looked at my neighbor strangely when he asked me to help him with the ants in his pants! WTH…

  6. Oh gosh, what if she really DOES have a bug in her ear? Can you imagine the horror? My grandpa had a spider crawl out of his ear while he was shaving one time. I think I would have a heart attack and die if there were ever a bug in my ear. It would disturb me that badly. aughhh!!!

    I’m glad princess is fine (we hope? lol) and I’m glad the bug floated out of the neighbor’s ear as well!

  7. Had this conversation been held in my house (well, between Coach and myself, not you and Nathan. Obviously.), it might have gone something like this:

    Me:…blah blah blah.. POUR WARM OIL… blah blah blah…

    Coach: (hearing only the three words in caps) Lets go!

    At least Nathan listens to you. You know, when you remember to tell him something. 🙂

  8. well, if I ever get a bug in my ear, I will try to remember that. Of course, I don’t really ever want to have a bug in my ear and feel all kinds of creepy crawly stuff on me right now…..

    I probably would have tried to convince my hubby I did in fact tell him and he was just not listening and that is why he doesn’t know what I am talking about. It happens a lot around here so he would have believed me!

  9. I am an er nurse and people come in with this ALL THE TIME. I mean ALL. THE. TIME. We have even pulled out LIVE bugs, YUCK!!

  10. My Mom swears by olive oil in the ears. She said her Mom did it all the time. Unfortunately, our ENT nixed that idea.

  11. I consistently fail to tell my husband anything, so I can always safely assume he knows nothing.

  12. Will have to remember that one…in case I ever get a bug in my ear.

    But I just have to ask. Why on earth did the man down the street walk all the way over to your house with warm olive oil for you to pour in his ear?

  13. This was hysterical, Rachel. I love that you have a neighbor that finds it so comfortable to come to your house and ask you to put oil in his ear – ACK!

    Take care – Kellan

  14. You shoulda been all, “I DID tell you. You just DON’T listen!”

    Weird. BTW, how come you didn’t tell US about this guy and the hot oil either??

  15. Ya know, I think I’ve heard that about the oil before. But I’ve never had anyone ask me to do it.

  16. LOL! And Eeeew.

    My husband forgets everything, so usually all I have to say is “I told you about this, don’t you remember? Ugh, you never listen to me!!” Works like a charm.

  17. Olive oil in the ear also good for relief from an ear infection….

    tip from an 70 something year old doctor my son saw once…. who also started two huge pediatric practices around here

  18. Um.. I just got grossed out. a bug in the ear is just gross.. hahaha..but hey now I know how to get rid of it right?? hahaa

  19. That is too funny. There’s not much that’ll make a man put down his drink AND his chicken… but you managed it! ;^)

  20. hahaha. I love it. That is something that would slip my mind too and then it sounds all bad later! Our poor longsuffering hubbies.

    Oh, and ewwwww….

    Thanks for linking!

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