When Geese Attack

It all started out with a sweet idea for a family outing. Princess wanted to go to the park and swing and feed the ducks at the pond.
We had leftover buns from the hubby’s birthday party so off we go (plus, I will take any excuse to drive my new baby). So off we went. Bread in hand, all smiles and happy kids.
All was fine for about 5 minutes. Monkey had a stand off with a big white goose because he was not sharing his bread. I guess the goose decided to take things into his own hands wings beak.
Thus ensued Goose Gate ’08.
I missed some pretty great pictures because I was laughing my butt off trying to help Nathan while keeping Monkey and Princess safe.

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  1. Oh my! We have a park close to our house where the geese hoard around us when you feed them. I am terrified of them for just this reason. haha. But my husband gets right in the middle of them like he’s their keeper. He’ll learn eventually haha.

  2. I love that your hub’s wearing his boots. Surely says Texan. Isn’t today Go Texan Day, anywhoo? I hope his leg healed. Our geese act that way up here, too.

  3. Geese will mess you up.
    I had two as a child.
    Just don’t let them latch on to your pants leg and start beating the crap out of you with their wings!

  4. At least it was hubby that was bit and not one of your babies! Poor Hubby!
    We don’t have geese around here we have sea gulls! The kids love to chase them around! I am thankful that the sea gulls don’t let you get this close….unless you have french fries then you are in trouble!

  5. So Nathan took one for the team. Way to go!
    The picture of the geese biting him almost looks like he is about to wring the geese’s neck. I was expecting a picture of the geese cooked up on a platter next.

  6. Yikes – I am very wary of geese. Canada geese are national symbols here and they are protected but they are nasty nasty birds and evryone hates them!

  7. AFF: Yes ma’am, I think it is 🙂 LOL. We all had our boots on.
    His leg is fine 😉
    Maria: I was afraid of that.
    Becky: Seagulls are the rats of the skies. They are everywhere here!! I despise them. But they’re fun to feed leftovers too 🙂
    Amy: I think if other people hadn’t been around… there would have been 🙂 LOL!!

  8. It’s illegal to feed geese in some places, which just plain cracks me up. I would think it would only take one incident like yours to break a person.

  9. hat to sound insensitive about the injury but I dig the cowboy boots. cool color.

    meanwhile I am no fan of the geese. a thousand lifetimes I had to attend – at the bequest of my ad agency – my client’s corporate picnic in a field in NJ. it rained. they made us wear mathcing t-shirts. play games. and geese were chasing us and pooping everywhere. it was a lowpoint in my career.

  10. What great pictures – what a great story!! I hope your husband heals okay! That was a fun day – aside from the mutant geese and all – that goose was bigger than you sweet baby! See you later and thanks again for the invite – Kellan

  11. We used to go to the park and feed the geese and ducks, it was one of my favorite things to do! Until Goofy decided to chase the ducks. Into the lake. Twice. Wrangling a soaking wet 3 year old back to the car? Not as easy as one might think.

    I’ve been too embarrassed to go back.

  12. Same thing happened to Maddie. Stupid goose bit her finger and held on as she was trying to run away. Those things are crazy!

  13. I love all the geese stories! Keep them coming 🙂
    I’m laughing so hard!! Thank you to all of you for coming, reading and commenting!

  14. Geese are scary! We try feeding the ducks at a local pond, and those freaky geese (they’re Canada geese) tend to make their way over not too subtly. We run.

    Cute post. Hope hubby’s leg heals OK.
    Blog hoppin’ hi! . .. Pomtini

  15. I never knew geese could be so vicious! That is so funny.

    Who would have guessed when you woke up this morning that your family would be attacked by an insane goose!

  16. Ouch!!!! Well, better the adult than the little ones… now you’d better be careful reading “Mother Goose” to the kiddies — it may scare the crap outta them!

    Blog hoppin’

  17. We actually had two pet geese at my dad’s house growing up. Not sure why, but my dad sure did love them! I thought they were mean and they smelled bad and they stole my plastic swimming pool!

  18. Oh yeah…I’ve fallen victim to “territorial” (mean as heck) geese before. These critters are HARD CORE! Hope your hubby’s leg is better soon (love his boots).

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