Who are you standing up for?



There are so many different faces of cancer, so many different kinds of cancers, it does not discriminate. It does not care about your age, your race, your political belief or your economic status.

Who am I Standing Up 2 Cancer For?

For my sister in law Cindy, who passed away two years ago this month. Mere minutes after her 32nd birthday. She dismissed symptoms. She got diagnosed with colon cancer, months later it was in her brain. Sunday morning she was teaching Sunday School. Sunday Night she was in the hospital and tests showed that it had taken over her brain. The next day, she was in a coma.
I was blessed enough to be in the room with her when she passed away.
She left behind a husband, and two daughters, and us, a family who never got enough time with her. *that is a story for another blog.

For my grandfather-in-law, who passed away from Colon Cancer mere months after his Granddaughter.

For my Grandfather, Dee, who passed away this past Easter from Colon Cancer.

For my mother, who was born with brain tumors and has been blissfully cancer free for 57 years.

For my soon to be new Mother-in-law, Debbie, who has fought cancer twice, and is winning.

For Rodney, a close family friend, who fought Brain Cancer and lost.

I stand up for all of them, for myself, for my children.

Educate, Donate, learn and be pro-active. Your donation could make the difference.

Stand Up 2 Cancer. It is a fight that we can and will win.


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  1. I’m going to check out the site you listed. I lost my mom two years ago this past July to Ovarian Cancer. She fought 18 months, and unfortunately lost.

  2. @anglophile football fanatic: unfortunately, I believe you’re right.

    @kim, I’m so sorry. Please go check it out.

  3. Heartbreaking . . . wrote my post today and it was harder than I thought.

    When I started thinking of how many family/friends who have fought cancer it is staggering.

  4. I still haven’t posted mine. Very hard…but maybe I will try listing the names like you did. I don’t want them forgotten.

  5. I can only hope that none of our children will ever know the pain of suffering from or watching someone else suffer from any type of cancer.

  6. nice post…my good friend is losing her dad to cancer…he probably won’t make it through the weekend…so sad! thanks for visiting my weekly winners.

  7. I’m standing up for my grandfathers, one of whom passed away from bone cancer and the other from lung cancer.

    I’m standing up and praying with all my might for a dear friend of mine who is battling her 5th round with brain cancer at the age of 28.

    And I’m blinking the tears out of my eyes as I read your post and post my reply. Cancer hurts.

  8. You have been touched by cancer too many times – I am sorry for that and have all these people of your life in my life now as well – in my thoughts and prayers.

    Thanks for being such a kind and loving person, Rachel. You are a gift – A GIFT to me and to so many others. You. Touch. My. Heart. Too!!

    Have a good weekend – Kellan

  9. I work for a major medical facility. In particular, I write and maintain software that helps run the radiation oncology department. Efforts like these are alway appreciated!

  10. Your family has sure seen it’s share. Cancer is rather prevalent in my family as well. It’s so very sad…

    I hope your MIL-to-be continues to win her battle and no one else in your family finds themselves battling cancer.

  11. My late husband, who died in October of 2003 when our daughters were 3 and 5. He had bone cancer. His doctor treated him for a pulled back muscle (it was a tumor on his shoulder blade) for over 6 months before one of his lungs colapsed, leading to actual tests.
    He lost his mother to breast cancer when he was 12.

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