Wisdom and Wonder and Dolly

Princess is an amazing little creature. I alternate between wanting to pull her hair out and wanting to cuddle her and tell her she’s the most amazing person I’ve ever known.
We’re up here in Bryan visiting my family. Granny, the family matriarch, the heart and wicked humor center of the family is declining. She is still there, lurking behind the drugs and flashing us with the occasional ‘Granny’ smile, especially when she sees the kids. She can’t communicate, she shakes, she’s confined to a wheelchair and her poor feet look ready to split they’re so swollen. If she tries to speak, it’s a whispered word about every 30 seconds and they’re all but unintelligible.
It’s heartbreakingly sad, but it’s life.
In the car yesterday as we pulled up to ‘The Manor’ Princess said: “Mom, I can’t understand Granny when she talks” The confusion and sadness in her 4 1/2 year old voice was heart wrenching. I explained to her to that BeBe and I can’t understand her either but she understands us. I told her to just talk slowly and clearly and let Granny know how much she is loved. Princess nodded her head with wisdom far beyond her years.

Once in the facility we found Granny in the activities room with about 10 other residents. Princess went to get a puzzle and passed a tiny little old woman in a wheelchair. The woman beckoned to Princess with a shaky, whithered arm and proceeded to pat her face, call her Missy and tell her she loved her.
Princess talked to her for a moment, let her hold her hand and allowed her face and hair to be caressed. Then with a Grace and Wisdom beyond her years, she held the woman’s hand, looked into her shrunken face and dulled eyes and said; ” I love you too.” She then gently touched the woman’s shoulder and said: “I’m going to go over there with my Momma now. Ok?” And she walked slowly away.

In that brief instant I saw Grace, Wisdom and a glimpse of the amazing Woman my daughter is destined to become. Led by her heart, filled with compassion and a Grace and Wisdom granted by God. She left me a bit speechless, with tears of wonder in my eyes and a full heart.

I just talked to Nathan. The rain and winds are picking up pretty strong in Corpus and there’s a tornado on the ground 10 miles from where we live, and one forming about 5 miles from our house. Luckily, Dolly stayed South of Brownsville and it seems that we’re not going to be getting the brunt of it. Thank you for all of you who e-mailed me and messaged me to check on us. What wonderful friends y’all are. I’ll try to keep y’all updated.

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  1. Wow… now I’m crying. You have an incredible way of describing a situation so I can visualize it. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Darn, I’m totally tearing up at work…

    That was the sweetest thing ever. I can imagine how proud you were of her at that moment. In fact, I’M feeling rather proud of her (Not that I had anything to do with how awesome she is…)

    Glad to hear that Dolly may (mostly) leave you guys alone.

  3. Tears. I have tears. That is amazing, Rachel. I don’t know her, but I feel extremely proud of her. You are right, she is amazing. What we all dream our children will possess, she already has way beyond her years.

  4. Oh what a sweetheart. This brought major tears to my eyes!

    p.s. so glad you all are not in Dolly’s immediate path!

  5. This story made me tear up.. you have to be so proud of her.. Thanks for sharing such a painfull, beautiful part of your life.

  6. Ugh. I’m crying buckets over here. What an absolute angel you have.
    It is so hard for most kids to be around people in a nursing home. They just don’t understand. My boys are getting used to it because of all the visits to see my dad, but this is just amazing. Really.

  7. Your little Princess is, indeed, an amazing little girl and likely an amazing woman someday. Stay safe — or rather tell your hubby to stay safe.

    And, as someone who just lost her Granny, please give yours a special hug.

  8. That is so touching — and speaks volumes about your daughter’s empathy and maturity! I’m completely blown away. What a great memory to share with her in the future! (Glad it looks like Dolly’s going to miss y’all).

  9. i have lurked on your site before. I lost you and am thrilled that I found you again. I know what you mean about the “quick change” that our little people can pull. I have 3 girls at my house, one who just turned 4, I swear she is a chamelion with an attitude. Anyway-what a great mom you must be. You have taught your children to follow their heart, not judge but love. You should be one proud mama bear! So glad that you posted this, not only for your memories, but to buoy up us blogging moms too!
    Give her an extra hug from the blogging moms out here!!
    have a fantastic night! Stop by any time and say hi! love to make new friends.

  10. You are raising a lady. In the truest definition of the word.

    Frick Frack. I knew I forgot something. DAM! I have a new roof being put up tomorrow, so I will be out. If my brain is working, I’m so calling. Glad you are safe.

  11. I’m in tears! What a sweet, sweet girl. You never know what that may have meant to that little old lady.

  12. Oh, sweet Princess. This totally made me cry. What an amazing little person you have!

    Glad Nathan is safe and that you aren’t getting the storm too badly! Hang in there!!

  13. Tried to comment on here earlier, but I got kicked off. This made me cry. Really cry. Innocence, compassion…wish we could bottle it up and have the WHOLE WORLD drink it.

    I’m so glad to hear Dolly isn’t visiting.

  14. Oh, Rachel – what a sweet story! I’m sorry your grandmother is going through this difficult time, but so glad you are having this time to spend with her and her your sweet daughter to help you see how FABULOUS our God is!

    Take care – Kellan

  15. Oh Rach! That’s one wonderful littler girl you have there… She’s a real tribute to you and Nathan!

  16. That gave me goosebumps. What a sweet sweet girl you are raising – a direct reflection on what lovely parents she has.

    Glad you made it safe through Dolly. What a mess, huh?

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