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  1. You’re welcome!
    In that one, I happened to walk into his room and they were both asleep! I ran for the camera, of course 2 minutes later they were awake 🙂

  2. Rachel – these are the cutest pictures!!! I loved all of them, but that last one was priceless. Take care. Kellan

  3. Rachel…I swear…your kids are too freaking cute….love the playing in the rain….and the one with them sleeping, especially your little guy, with his little tushy up in the air…priceless!

  4. Great pictures. I love the gutter overflow. I can’t believe she got so close to it.
    Princess on the floor dressed like a fairy is just too cute!

  5. I absolutely love it when kids are so busy they just drop where they are! 🙂 We’ve got quite a few of our boys doing that when they were younger…. Bug while laying in a doorway playing cars and Jock while sitting at the counter eating are two of my favorites!

    Of course now…. Jock compares those pictures to his Sims game… when those characters get too tired they just drop where they are, too!

  6. I love the sleeping pic, although I suspect there might have been some sort of intervention that caused them to both fall asleep at the same time. So, did you use Nyquil? I need to know because when I watch my nephews, I can NEVER get them to sleep at the same time.


  7. LOL y’all!
    Chris, those are fake teeth that my daughter got in a goodie bag. My husband thought it would be funny.
    Burgh baby’s mom~ no intervention, just two very tired children who play very hard together all the time!
    Thanks everyone for coming by!
    Dixie~ I’m on my way.. so excited!

  8. OMG, I love the vampire teeth!! LOL

    You are gonna display the SAA Gun and give it out, right?!?!

    Oh and I’m link lovin’ ya, reciprocate?

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