Zatarains Butterfly Shrimp

Last week I traveled to the Popeye’s Headquarters in Atlanta for a really fun outing…


I was one of several media invited to come tour the new Popeyes headquarters…



Meet their people and sample something that is launching nationwide today…


Zatarains and Popeyes, Two New Orleans Staples, have partnered up to bring y’all Zatarains Butterfly Shrimp at Popeyes Nationwide.  This delicious butterfly shrimp is seasoned with a special blend of Zatarains spices and then battered in their signature cornmeal breading, fried and served up hot and delicious with Popeyes cajun fries and their mouthwatering melt in your mouth buttery biscuit.

The combination is wickedly delicious.  I am partial to a crispy breading on my seafood so the cornmeal breading and Zatarains spices create one seriously, wickedly, mouthwateringly tonguegasmic shrimp.



This limited time special Zatarains and Popeyes partnership gives you a box of 8 succuluent shrimp breaded and seasoned in Zatarains deliciousness and served with Popeyes yummy cajun fries and that crazy good biscuit and a sinfully yummy Lemon Garlic Sauce for dipping all for $4.99


I’m not sure whether the shrimp is more delicious alone… or when paired with the lemon garlic dipping sauce …



So the kids and Nathan and I are off to our local Popeyes to eat some Zatarains Butterfly Shrimp and see if we can decide.

I’m a Zatarains Krewe Member and while Zatarains provided my flight and hotel, I was not otherwise compensated for this trip, nor was I asked to write a post about it.  I chose to share my photos and opinions and this information unsolicited and because this shrimp really is that good. 🙂  Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. I love Zatarains and Shrimp so this sounds like a match made in heaven now throw in some lemon garlic sauce; I would trade a child for that. LOL

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you had a great trip.

  2. I love to eat these foods. It is so delicious Zatarains and Popeyes. These foods are so yummy.

  3. Popeye I love this delicious and yummy food. The garlic sauce makes the Popeye complete. I always eat this Popeye.

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