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5 Stress-Free Tips for Moving with Kids

Relocating is a significant milestone in life that can be exciting and nerve-wracking. When children are involved, the stakes are even higher.

During this period, parents are confronted by a myriad of problems, from their kids’ emotional meltdowns to logistical nightmares. However, if one plans well, they will have an easier time moving houses with the little ones around.

1. Create a Moving Timeline and Checklist

A well-coordinated move causes less stress to everyone involved. Creating a schedule and a list ensures that nothing is forgotten and the process stays on course.

Start Early

It’s best to give yourself plenty of time to plan for a move. Create a schedule showing important dates like when to begin packing, moving day, and the day utilities will be set up in the new place. This will allow you to space out tasks so they aren’t as overwhelming.

Pack an Essentials Bag for Moving Day

Each family member needs to have a bag with what they need. These should include clothes, toilet paper, the best game items for kids, and important documents. This way, it becomes easier to find anything you may require on that day, hence reducing stress.

Have a Checklist

A moving checklist acts as a guide throughout the entire process. It should include tasks such as sorting and decluttering belongings, packing, and notifying schools and other institutions of your change of address. Allocate specific duties to each family member to ensure everyone plays their part.

2. Involve Your Kids in the Process

The best approach to easing your children’s and your stress levels when moving is to involve them in the whole exercise. This will make them feel more in control of everything, reducing their fear of the unknown that comes with shifting to a different location.

Open Communication

Start by being open and explaining why the move is happening. This could be because you might have found a better job or home. Be ready to answer their questions and deal with any concerns they may have. Being transparent helps reduce worry and also builds trust.

Include Them in Decision Making

Let your children have a say in some matters. This could be choosing the color of their new rooms, selecting new furniture for the house, or even deciding on the theme of their new space.  Children who feel involved are more likely to be excited about the move.

Visit the New Place

Take your kids to see their new neighborhood before the move. Point out schools they might be attending soon, parks where they can play with new friends, and other points of interest. The more things become familiar, the less scary they will seem. This will increase anticipation for what lies ahead.

3. Hire Professional Movers

Hiring professional moving companies can considerably lessen moving stress, especially if kids are involved.

Research and Choose Wisely

Take your time to research and settle on a reliable mover. Look for positively reviewed companies with a history of keeping time. You could also ask your relatives and friends for advice.

If you are moving to or within Georgia, consider hiring movers to help you with the heavy lifting. For example, movers in Smyrna, GA have the required expertise and may provide different facilities, such as securely packing everything for transportation, to make every step efficient and stress-free.

Discuss Your Needs

Whenever you hire moving companies, ensure that you discuss your unique requirements and issues with them. Various moving companies offer specialized services for families, such as packing fragile items, taking extra care of children’s belongings, and providing additional help on the actual moving day.

4. Maintain Routines and Create a Sense of Normalcy

Children can have difficulty relocating from one place to another because it disrupts their daily routines. Parents should try to keep everything as normal as possible for their kids during this period.

Stick to Regular Schedules

Try to maintain the schedules your children are familiar with for dinner, sleep, and breakfast once they are up. A routine will give them stability amidst all the confusion of moving.

Create a Comfortable Space

Set up your kids’ rooms first when you reach your new house. This will help them settle in faster, as they will have a familiar and cozy space. Add their best toys, bedding, and decorations to give the new room a homely feeling.

Plan Entertaining Activities

Plan some fun activities or outings for your kids that allow them to enjoy their new environment. For example, visit the nearby playground, host a movie night, or discover different sites in the locality.

5. Provide Emotional Support

Your children’s emotional health is the most important thing to consider when moving since the whole process can bring about many different feelings. They may be happy, lonely, sad, or anxious. Providing emotional support can help them cope better.

Acknowledge Their Feelings

Let your kids know it’s okay to discuss their feelings about relocating. Assure them that you understand what they’re going through and that it’s normal for people to be sad, anxious, or happy sometimes.

Be Optimistic

It’s essential to show a good outlook on moving. Parents’ attitudes tend to rub off on their children, so if possible, avoid negativity. Point out some positives, such as making new friends, having more space outside, or doing fun things.

Consider Professional Help If Necessary

If your child cannot settle down after the relocation, consider talking to a child psychologist or counselor. This will reassure them and equip them with new ways of dealing with challenges.


Ensure that everything runs smoothly when moving with children. This will help ease the tension that comes along with it and also create a favorable beginning for an exciting phase ahead. These simple but powerful tips can transform what might have been a hectic experience into something fun.

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