Shane Deary: ‘The Diplomat’ Actress Keri Russell’s Ex-Husband, a Brooklyn Carpenter and Contractor

Relationships can be pretty stressful, and when your partner is a celebrity, your relationship deals with different challenges. This might have been the case with Shane Deary, Keri Russell’s ex. 

Many people saw the couple together and made a lot of speculations about their relationship. So, who is Shane Deary? Why did he break up with his famous wife? This article will answer these questions in detail. 

Who is Shane Deary?

Shane Deary is an American business owner, but he is well known for being the ex of Keri Russell. Although The Diplomat’s star and her ex-husband tried to keep their life private, the paparazzi always followed them around. 

Little is known about Shane Deary’s childhood, but rumor has it that he is the son of one of Massachusetts’ most renowned entrepreneurs, and he lived in a house his dad built. Since a young age, Deary showed his talent as a craftsman, especially in furniture making and customized carpentry. 

Before meeting Felciity’s star, Deary focused on honing his craft, building his name as one of the most famous Brooklyn-based contractors. After meeting Russell through some mutual friends, Deary maintained a low profile, although people got to know him through his involvement in several renovation projects. 

He is the co-owner of Deary Construction, a family-owned construction business that started out as a renovation and millwork business. After succeeding in renovating several properties in Brooklyn and Texas, the company gained recognition for its services. He even remodeled the house he moved into when he got married to The Americans’ star. 

Who is Shane Deary

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Marriage to Keri Russell

In 2006, Deary was introduced to Russell through some friends. She has just starred in Mission Impossible III and was starting to focus on her personal life. 

The two immediately felt the connection, and they started dating. Eventually, Deary proposed, and the two tied the knot on Valentine’s Day in 2007 when Keri Russell was already five months pregnant. They had a small and cozy ceremony in Manhattan, and only their close friends attended the reception. 

Soon after their marriage, news spread about them welcoming their first child. Their son, River, was born in 2007, and the two were overwhelmed with the parenthood experience, but they were equally happy and excited. 

There might have been some ups and downs because raising a child comes with many challenges. At the same time, Russell was trying to focus on building her career, which meant she needed all the support she could get. 

Luckily, she had Deary as her partner, and she starred in Running Wilde from 2010 to 2011. Nevertheless, the show was later canceled due to the low ratings, but Russell started to look for new roles. 

Her plans were put on hold for a second time as the couple welcomed their second child, Willa Lou. Their daughter was born in December 2012, and the couple was celebrating the growth of their family. 

Keri Russell

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The Breakup

Nobody knows what happened between Deary and Russell, but in 2013, the two announced that they were splitting. The actress’s representative announced that the split was amicable but that the couple would stay on good terms for the sake of their children. Their divorce was finalized in 2014. 

It looks like they actually meant it because soon after their breakup, they were seen taking their son to school together. It’s no surprise that divorce can be overwhelming and stressful, especially when the couple has spent a long time together. But the two seem to be adapting to the change quite well. 

The Breakup

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What is Shane Deary Doing Now?

There’s no information about Shane Deary after the divorce. Although Keri Russel started dating the Welsh actor Matthew Rhys after her divorce, it seems like Deary prefers to stay single. 

As a matter of fact, there were several speculations that Deary and Russell might consider getting back together, as they were often seen with their children. Many people assumed that they might be considering resuming their relationship just because they’re good co-parents. 

Yet, this turned out to be untrue. They just agreed to think about what is best for their children. 

Deary is now rarely seen with Russel, especially after she had another son, Sam, with Matthew Rhys. Yet, whenever an event involves his son or daughter, he’s definitely there for them. Meanwhile, it seems that Deary prefers to focus on his craft, growing his business as one of Brooklyn’s best contractors. 

Matthew Rhys

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Wrap Up

Shane Deary is a Brooklyn-based carpenter and contractor, but he is known for being Keri Russell’s husband. The couple met in 2006, married a year later, and had two children before officially splitting in 2013. 

After the divorce, Deary preferred to maintain a low profile, focusing on his career. He has been growing his business and is often seen with his children, as he agreed to co-parent with his ex-wife. 

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