Alex Damian Santos: Romeo Santos’ First Son, Born When His Father Was Only 17

Child Celebrities. You know them, love them, and want to know everything about them. Well, sometimes, that can be harder than you think.

As fun and luxurious as fame seems, some children prefer to keep a low profile and step away from the cameras and lights. Such is the case of Alex Damian Santos.

Intrigued to know who he is? Well, I’m here to satisfy your curiosity. Let’s get right to it.

Alex Damian Santos’s Early Life

Alex Damian Santos

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Alex Damian Santos? Why does that name sound familiar? That’s because he’s the son of Romeo Santos, the legendary singer/songwriter, so you probably heard his name thrown here and there.

I was excited to bring you everything about that young celebrity, but he didn’t make my job easy. If I had to describe Alex’s life in one word, I’d use mysterious.

Yes, it seems that Santos Junior prefers to enjoy a private life, making it hard for the rest of us to know anything about him. I didn’t come empty-handed, though.

After scouring the deepest parts of the internet, I can tell you that Alex was born in 2000. The exact day and month are still a mystery.

Some speculate that he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps and enter the entertainment industry. These speculations have no solid ground, though.

Alex hasn’t taken any steps toward a specific career. So, no one knows if he’ll choose to become an entertainer.

Alex Damian Santos’s Mother

Romeo Santos

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Alex’s mother might be the biggest mystery the public is still trying to solve. You see, young Santos was born to a somewhat unknown mother.

I use “somewhat” here because the public agrees that his mother is Samantha Medina. However, there isn’t any public information available on her.

While Alex gave us scraps of information about himself and left us to piece the puzzle together, this woman threw her puzzle out of the window.

She doesn’t have social media accounts and hasn’t made any public appearances with her son, so she’s given us nothing to work with. No one even knows what she does for a living.

Some say she’s an actress, but there’s no proof. You’ll find that many refer to Samantha as Romeo’s wife, but that’s not true either.

She was either a short-term girlfriend or a woman he had a one-night stand with and nothing more.

Alex Damian Santos’s Father

The difference between Alex’s father and mother is day and night. While Samantha keeps a low profile, Romeo prefers to stand under the spotlight.

1. Forming His First Band


As mentioned, Romeo Santos is a famous singer, songwriter, producer, and more. Like most singers, he discovered his talents early when he joined the church choir.

He realized he had a knack for singing and formed a band called Los Tinellers with his cousin and friends.

In 1996, the band released its first album, Trampa de Amor, which was a big hit and managed to put its name on the map. Romeo and his friends changed the band’s name to Aventura two years later.

I should mention that Romeo has always been a fan of bachata music, and he wanted to share that enthusiasm with the world.

So, he created a new type of bachata music, mixing it with hip-hop and R&B. That’s what Aventura’s first album, Generation Next, was all about.

The album included the iconic Cuándo Volverás. If you’re a Romeo Santos fan, you know that’s one of his signature songs.

Aventura released several albums, making numerous international hits like Un Beso, Dile al Amor, Hermanita, and more.

The band became so famous that they were invited to perform for Barack Obama at the White House in 2011. It doesn’t get any better than this. Well, it just might.

2. Going Solo

Romeo Santos

You know what they say: Nothing lasts forever. After witnessing such success, Romeo wanted to separate himself from the band and pursue a solo career.

We’ve all heard stories of band members going solo and failing, but not Romeo. His first single, You, reached 97 on the Billboard Hot 100. If that’s not a strong start, I don’t know what is.

Romeo’s first album, Formula Vol. 1, featured the biggest names in the music industry, including Lil Wayne, Usher, George Lopez, Luis Vargas, and more.

The bachata king kept climbing the music ladder, releasing numerous hit albums, like Formula Vol. 2, Utopia, and Formula Vol. 3. no wonder he sold out Madison Square Garden twice.

3. Relationship Status

Enough talking about Romeo’s career. Let’s get to the romantic aspect of his life. As a father of four, many of Romeo’s fans believe he’s married. That’s not true.

Romeo has a long-term girlfriend with whom he has three children.They include Valentino, who was born in March 2019; Solano, born in 2021; and Milano, born in February 2023.

Unfortunately, he prefers to keep her identity secret. I guess now we know where Alex gets his love for privacy from.

The closest Romeo has gotten to revealing her identity is his song, Solo Conmigo (Only With Me). Many believe the woman Romeo was talking about in that song is his real-life partner.

Of course, art is open to countless interpretations, so no one can prove that’s true.

4. Father-Son Relationship

Alex Damian Santos

As I already mentioned, Romeo welcomed Alex in 2000. He was 17 back then, so he was a kid having a kid. You can probably imagine how freaked out he was.

I wish I could say he faced his fears and stepped up to become a good father, but no. Romeo walked out on Alex because he didn’t want to take on that responsibility.

He kept his distance for four or five years until he realized a father should always be there for his son. Romeo said that his Relationship with his son has improved over time.

He doesn’t think he’s an incredible father or anything. His career has constantly gotten in the way of him carrying out his parental role.

However, he claims he’s grown up a lot and has become a better person.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, there isn’t much to say about Alex Damian Santos, as he doesn’t share much about himself with the public.

However, we know much about his father and how complex their Relationship was at first. That said, Alex is enjoying a low-profile life with a caring father now.

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