How Old Is Dream, the Minecraft YouTuber With 43.51 Million Subscribers and Winner of Three Streamy Awards? 

If you’re into Minecraft content, you’re probably familiar with Clay or know him by his online alias, Dream.

Dream is a successful YouTuber with over 40 million subscribers across his channels. His videos also got him more than 3 billion views, which tells you a lot about his success as a content creator.

Not only that, but Dream also has two Twitch channels with more than 7 million followers. Those numbers take years to build, so how old is Dream?

Please read this article to find out his age, how he made his fortune, and what he’s up to.

How Old Is Dream?

How Old Is Dream

Dream was born on the 12th of August, 1999, making him 24 years old at the time of writing. Before 2014, he didn’t get much attention online, and he didn’t even reveal his face to the public until 2022, choosing to use his online personality.

As a result, no one knows what Dream’s early life was like. However, that didn’t affect his fame—the video of his face revealed that he had collected more than 20 million views in less than a day!

Though we don’t know much about Dream’s childhood, we do know he’s been diagnosed with ADHD because he spoke publicly about it.

Dream: The Face Reveal

Dream The Face Reveal

Until 2022, Dream hadn’t revealed his face, so his fans didn’t know many details about his personal life. His content was mainly about Minecraft, so he chose to use his internet personality instead of showing his natural face.

In an interview in 2021, he mentioned that he didn’t intend to stay anonymous forever but that it was necessary to create his internet personality and grab the attention of his fans. He said that his online persona was too crucial to show his natural face.

In October 2022, he revealed his face on a YouTube video after teasing the fans about it earlier in September. The video received more than 20 million views on the same day, and one year later, it’d passed 60 million views, making it one of the most viewed videos on Dream’s channel.

Dream’s Family

Aside from his online content, Dream keeps his personal life pretty much under wraps. So, not much is known about his family. We know he has three siblings: one older sister, one younger sister, and one younger brother.

He resides in Florida with his family and reportedly has a cat called Patches.

Dream’s Rise to Fame

Dream’s Rise to Fame

Though he created his YouTube channel in 2014, Dream didn’t upload his first Minecraft video until 2019. He started by uploading videos where he competed against others in a popular video game. Still, he used to play poorly on purpose to get more viewers and attract more attention.

In 2020, Dream started getting more popular as he featured other YouTubers. He was even featured on Polygon, the popular website for American video games. His channel was described as the most significant gaming channel of 2020.

During the same year, he joined the Minecraft Championship and managed to snatch first place in the 8th and 11th competitions.

On top of that, one of his videos was listed in the second place of the Top Creator List and the seventh place on YouTube’s Top Trending Video list. The video was titled Minecraft Speedrunner V.S. 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE, and it currently has more than 128 million views.

In 2021, one of Dream’s live streams became the sixth highest-viewed live stream in gaming history. But his success didn’t stop there. During the same year, Dream was featured in a Business Insider article about the exponential growth of his channels between 2019 and 2020.

In addition to that, he released his first three singles in 2021. Despite his success in creating content for gamers on YouTube, he decided to venture into music as well, and his first single received more than 25 million views on YouTube.

Dream’s Cheating Incident

Dream’s Cheating Incident

In 2021, a big cheating scandal erupted on YouTube, and Dream was right in the middle. Apparently, the moderation team of, responsible for overseeing Minecraft’s records, started investigating the popular YouTuber.

Without going into gaming details, the investigation resulted in a 14-minute video that detailed why Dream is likely cheating during the game’s speed runs with other competitors. According to the team, there’s no solid proof that Dream was cheating, but the odds were too high for him to be believable.

The team’s calculations revealed a 1 in 177 billion chance of Dream getting as many successful trades as he did. While that’s not enough to knock a YouTuber off his throne, it’s enough to make his cheating believable. Some fans started believing that his game was modified in some way to improve his odds.

Of course, Dream denied the allegations and even provided files to show the team that nothing odd was active during his game run. He also posted plenty of responses, saying that the investigation was botched and that it was only to get attention.

Until now, no one knows the truth of what happened, but the rumors died down after a while.

Final Thoughts

So, how old is Dream?

Dream is 24 years old, and he’s already scored massive success as a YouTuber in the gaming community. His channels collectively have more than 40 million subscribers, and his fame doesn’t seem to go away soon.

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