Mark Davis Wife: Is the Raiders Owner Married or Dating? Who Will Continue the Business in the Future?

Mark Davis is committed to keeping the Las Vegas Raiders alive. Under his leadership, the NFL team grew from its $761 million worth in 2011 to $6.2 billion today.

However, does Mark Davis have a wife and successor to help him continue the business in the future? Let’s explore!

Who Is Mark Davis?

Mark Davis is the inheritor and owner of the NFL team, Oakland Raiders (now Las Vegas Raiders). He also owns the WNBA team, Las Vegas Aces.

You may recognize Mark Davis’s late father, Al Davis, a renowned football coach and executive.

Mark Davis’s Childhood

Mark Davis's Childhood

Mark Davis was born on May 18, 1955, to a life of privilege. He didn’t need to work as he got a steady allowance from his father. Still, he did mess around the equipment room, inventing the muff-style hand warmer that’s now popular in the league.

Davis’s world revolved around the NFL from the beginning.

His dad raised him to become the successor, and Mark Davis never deviated from the family business. There are no backup businesses or properties. Davis says his only job is to perpetuate the legacy of the Raiders.

Mark Davis’s Net Worth

According to Forbes, Mark Davis is worth $2.3 billion as of 2024.

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Raiders are worth $6.2 billion, making them the sixth-highest among the 32 NFL teams.

Does Mark Davis Have a Wife?

Mark Davis

No, Mark Davis, now 68, doesn’t have a wife.

In an interview with ESPN, Mark Davis explains he’ll only start drinking when the Raiders win the Super Bowl or if he gets married. The former is because he wants to, and the latter is because he has to.

This shows that Mark Davis has no interest in getting married!

Does Mark Davis Have Children?

Mark Davis is a private man, and there are no accounts of him having children. He says his teams, the Raiders and Aces, are like his kids.

When the Raiders and Aces have overlapping games, he finds it hard to decide which one to attend.

Who Is Mark Davis In a Relationship With?

Of course, even though he doesn’t want to get married, Mark Davis always has a beautiful blonde woman in tow. Here’s a sneak peek into his relationships.

1. Cami Christensen

Despite his secrecy, a vlogger caught Mark Davis on camera at Resorts World’s grand opening in 2021. He was walking with a woman identified by Medium as Cami Christensen.

Cami Christensen is the president and general manager of Westgate Hotel. Davis never confirmed whether the two were on a date.

2. Hayden Hopkins

Hayden Hopkins

Image source: Instagram

In 2022, Mark Davis made headlines for having a mysterious blonde woman beside him in a private suite during a game. News outlets identified the woman as Hayden Hopkins.

Hopkins is a Las Vegas-based performer in Cirque Du Soleil. She also has a large following on Instagram and appeared on Good Morning America.

Following the incident, Hokinsdenied having a romantic relationship with the billionaire. She clarified that Davis is merely her friend and neighbor.

3. Orianthi


Image source: Google

Nearly a year after his stint with Hayden Hopkins, fans again spotted Mark Davis with a tall blonde woman. In 2023, Davis brought Orianthi to a Packers game.

Orianthi is an Australian singer and songwriter. Her songs include According to You, Light It Up, and Suffocated. She’s also one of the world’s most outstanding female guitarists!

Orianthi posted images of herself on Instagram in a Las Vegas Raiders cap and revealed that she was at the Allegiant Stadium. Yet, she didn’t make any comments about being with Mark Davis.

Who Is Carol Davis?

Carol Davis

Image source: Google

Some articles list Carol Davis as Mark Davis’s wife. However, this isn’t true. Carol Davis is Al Davis’s wife and Mark Davis’s mother.

Al and Carol Davis met in 1950 at Adelphi College in Long Island. At that time, Al had just begun his career as a coach. The two stayed madly in love until Al Davis passed away in 2011.

Today, Carol Davis is a businesswoman and part-owner of the Las Vegas Raiders. She has a net worth of over $500 million.

Like her son, Carol Davis is heavily involved in the family business, even in her 90s. She had the honor of lighting the Al Davis Memorial Torch for the first time in 2020. Mark Davis also takes her to watch parties and events for the Raiders.

Where Is Mark Davis Now?

Mark Davis

Image source: Google

As of February 2024, Mark Davis is set to sell 10% of the Las Vegas Raiders Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is a seven-time Super Bowl winner and Fox broadcaster. He will begin advising Mark Davis on who they can hire as a head coach and general manager.

This may be necessary as the Raider’s long-term rivals, the Oakland A’s, are also making plans to move to Las Vegas.

Fans hope Tom Brady will lead the Las Vegas Raiders into a better future!


So, does Mark Davis have a wife? The short answer is no, he doesn’t.

Mark Davis is a bachelor who occasionally brings women like Orianthi and Hayden Hopkins to games. He keeps his romantic relationships private and doesn’t confirm if any of the women is his partner.

Still, Mark Davis is making plans for the future of the Las Vegas Raiders. He’s starting to entrust the company to people he can rely on!

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