Mila Kunis Net Worth: From $250 to Highest Paid Actress in 2016—Jealous, Jackie Burkhart?

The Ukrainian-born actress Mila Kunis arrived with her family in the US when she was seven. All they had at that time was $250! Today, the renowned actress is worth tens of millions.

But how much exactly is she worth, and how did she make this immense fortune? In this post, I’ll shed light on Mila Kunis’s net worth and how she amassed such huge wealth.

A Quick Summary of Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

Before diving into her net worth details, let’s first take a look at a quick summary of Mila Kunis:

Full name Mila Markovna Kunis
Age Turns 41 by August 2024
Birthplace Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Husband Ashton Kutcher
Height 5’4″
Net worth $75 million

How Much Is Mila Kunis Worth?

How Much Is Mila Kunis Worth

As of April 2024, Mila Kunis is estimated to be worth around 75 million dollars.

She owns a considerable portion of this fortune in the form of real estate investment. Here are these properties:

Property type Location Value
House Laurel Canyon $2.9 million
Condo West Hollywood $ 540,000
House Near Santa Barbara $10 million

In addition to these properties, she had a $10-million house in Beverly Hills, but she sold it recently.

A Glimpse at the Most Lucrative Projects of Mila Kunis’s Career

Mila Kunis has had a multi-decade career in which she participated in over 70 works. Let’s take a look at her most lucrative roles:

That 70s Show

That 70s Show

One of the most popular works of Mila Kunis is the That 70s Show, which earned her considerable money. There’s no official report stating how much she made from the show, though.

However, a 2003 report mentioned that her co-star, Topher Grace, got paid between $250,000 and $300,000 per show episode. So, we can say he made between $6–8 million each season.

Since Mila Kunis is a top cast member of the show, like Grace, we can assume that Mila Kunis was paid a not-so-different amount.

In addition, she later reprised her role as Jackie on That 90s Show, produced by Netflix.

We don’t know exactly how much she earned in that role, but we’re confident she received a pretty penny.

Family Guy: $150,000 to $225,000 per Episode

Family Guy $150,000 to $225,000 per Episode

Kunis plays the voice of Meg’s character on the famous Family Guy show. But how much does she make per episode?

Some sources report that Kunis made from $150,000 to $225,000 per episode. To put it in seasons, she made between $3 million and $4.5 million per season.

This was the payment after 2013; before that year, it was around $100,000 per episode.

With that in mind, we expect Kunis has amassed tens of millions from this show, as it’s been running since 1999.

Oz the Great and Powerful & Ted: $11 Million

In 2013, Mila Kunis earned around $11 million for her roles in the popular movies Oz The Great and Powerful and TED.

She played the role of Theodora in the first work and the role of Lori Collins in the second.

She Was One of the Highest Paid Actress in 2016

She Was One of the Highest Paid Actress in 2016

Mila Kunis secured the 9th position of the highest-paid actress in the world in 2016, according to Forbes.

In the same year, some sources state that she received around $11 million from brand deals with Jim Beam and Gemfields.

Mila Kunis’s Early Life: From Ukraine to the US with Just $250!

Born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, Mila Markovna Kunis came to our world in August 1983. She spent her first seven years in her home country before moving to Los Angeles, California, with her family.

However, this immigration wasn’t easy at all; the family arrived in the US with just $250. What made things worse was that Kunis’s parents’ degrees weren’t transferable in the US.

This way, the family struggled at first to make ends meet. Likewise, Mila and her sister also found it difficult to adapt in elementary school because of the language and culture barriers.

However, Mila’s family managed to make a good living in the United States in a few years.

A Zoom-In on Mila Kunis’s Career

A Zoom-In on Mila Kunis's Career

As you can see from the net worth section above, the major source of Mila Kunis’s fortune is her highly successful career in acting.

Here, I’ll take you on an exciting journey to explore the professional life of the Ukrainian-descended actress:

She Started Acting at 14! 

Kunis showed an impressive talent in acting from an early age. This is when she was a member of the after-school acting program.

The program manager admired her talent and started to send her to auditions. Shortly after, Mila Kunis was selected as a cast member of the That 70s Show when she was 14. Lucky for her, the show achieved massive success and continued for eight seasons.

One year later, she was selected to voice the character “Meg” in the comedy animated series Family Guy. She did a great job voicing the character and was praised multiple times by the show’s creator, MacFarlane.

Jumping to Movies

Jumping to Movies

Kunis jumped from acting in TV shows to films in 2021 with her role in Get Over It.

She then continued her journey on silver screens with movies such as Moving McAllister and American Psycho 2. However, all these initial roles only achieved humble success.

Here’s the first remarkable milestone in her career: In 2006, she played the role of Rachel Jensen in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

The film achieved a box office hit, grossing more than $105 million. That success paved the way for her to receive more acting offers.

In 2008, she participated in the movie Max Payne. This was followed by a role in the movie Extract in 2009. Then, she participated in the movies The Book of Eli and Date Night.

Kunis’ Career Breakthrough

Kunis' Career Breakthrough

In 2010, Kunis experienced a breakthrough in her career due to her role in Black Swan alongside Natalie Portman.

That movie showcased Kunis’s exceptional acting abilities. She went through tough personal training to play her role as a ballet dancer just right.

As you probably know, the Black Swan was a hit and grossed around $329 million worldwide.

It has also received many prestigious awards, with Kunis personally winning multiple awards for her exceptional performance in the movie.

Following Black Swan, Kunis’s career went to the next level by playing prominent roles in a number of hit movies. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Friends with Benefits (2011)
  • Ted (2012)
  • Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)
  • Blood Ties (2013)
  • Bad Moms (2015)
  • Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Wrapping Up

Now you know all about Mila Kunis’s net worth. To sum it up, Kunis has made a $75 million fortune throughout her multi-decade career.

The Ukrainian-born actress moved to the United States at the age of seven. She started her career at 14 and achieved massive success due to her exceptional talent.

As of April 2024, she’s participated in 77 entertainment works, many of which were hits.

Images source: Instagram

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