Shane Gillis Girlfriends: How Many Do You Know?

Being a comedian can bring the artist a lot of heat, especially when their jokes involve controversial topics.

Shane Gillis knows this all too well. His long career in comedy as a stand-up performer, a YouTuber, and a Podcaster has seen its share of ups and downs.

Whether for the right or wrong reasons, Shane has attracted the attention of many people who became curious about his personal life as much as his professional side.

Questions about Shane’s romantic partners bombarded celebrity news, especially since he keeps them private, unlike his full-on display career.

Shane Gillis Overview

Shane Gillis

Shane Gillis is an American comedian born in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania on the 11th of December 1987.

He graduated from West Chester University and worked as an English teacher in Spain for a few months before starting his comedy career in 2012.

He was voted Stand-Up Comedian of the Year for the Interrobang sixth annual Comedy Awards in 2019. His net worth is estimated at around $500,000 as of 2023.

Who Is Shane Gillis Dating?

Despite keeping his professional life an open book, Shane Gillis prefers a below-the-radar approach to his personal life. 

As such, he never publicly mentioned a specific name to being his girlfriend. There are rumors, however, tying him to multiple relationships over the years.

One thing is obvious in the middle of all these allegations: Shane Gillis is not single as of the time of this article.

Is Ryan Shih the Girlfriend of Shane Gillis?

There’s a rumor that Shane was involved with Ruan Shih, although neither of them confirmed or denied it.

Shih has been a close friend of Shane since they were teenagers and they get along great. There were rumors of a relationship, an engagement, and even a 2020 wedding that never took place.

Is Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters the Girlfriend of Shane Gillis?


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This is another rumored relationship that neither Demi-Leigh nor Shane addressed.

Demi-Leigh is a South African model who won the Miss South Africa and Miss Universe crowns in 2017.

Even if the alleged relationship between her and the comedian was real, she has since moved on and found her soulmate as she’s been Tim Tebow’s wife for 3 years and counting.

Is Tara Pavlovich the Girlfriend of Shane Gillis?

Another rumored match-up brings together Shane Gillis and Tara Pavlovich. She works as a radio station manager and was a contestant on The Bachelor.

It’s said that the couple had an affair during her time on the dating TV show.

Is Claire the Girlfriend of Shane Gillis?

A set of rumors have paired Shane Gillis with a woman named Claire. Not much is known about her except for a few words describing her as pretty, funny, and smart.

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